Where/how do I meet up with a friend at Rhinebeck

I’m going to Rhinebeck for the first time and going to try to meet up with a friend who (imagine) lives in Rhinebeck and will come to the festival on Saturday. Where should we try to find each other? I read/ hear people talk about a hill but that seems sort of vague and crowded at the same time. -Advice please.
(And any other Rhinebeck going advice you’d like to share. --I’ve read here about the risks of going home with a fleece!)

Yeah it can be tricky. My friends found it easiest to meet near the donut stand. It’s always in the same place and easy to locate. There’s a little grass patch in front of it where you can meet

We also used the petting zoo as well.

Individual barns are an option and they are numbered. But they have two ends which can be tricky.

Also phone service is spotty at the festival so don’t count on that as a means to connect. I missed a friend that way.

Enjoy your first time. It’s a lot of fun.