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We Welcome Your Feedback About The Lounge

We want to make the Lounge a place you like to be a part of. We hope to hear from you if something needs our attention. Please let us know so that we can make it right if it’s wrong. And if you’re enjoying yourself, well, here’s a fresh cup of Sanka and a sweet roll for ya.

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Just so thrilled to have this place! It seems like the perfect size for cozy conversation. Thank you, ladies!

Hooray! Sanka! I am so glad that you’ve made this forum, it makes my heart happy!

I have a question… right now my user name comes up as ercammin. I would like to change it to something else, maybe LizzyC or something. I can’t figure out how or if it’s possible? Otherwise I’m really excited about this!

I’d like to change my username too. I didn’t notice it was automatically pulling my username from my email address… bleah. :slight_smile:

Hi Terri–You should be able to edit your username now. So sorry for the problem–thank you for alerting us to this issue.


Hi! You should be able to edit your username now–apologies for the lack of adorable pencil icon until now. Please let me know if you have any trouble!


Thank you Ann! I will go try it now!

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It worked! You’re awesome! Thank you!

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I’m looking forward to The Lounge. I expect it will be an amazing community.

It would be nice to have the option of “replying” without having to scroll down, and down, and dooown to the bottom of the page. I just introduced myself; probably won’t be an issue on most chats.

Congratulations on your exciting new site. Y’all are sure going big! I love it.

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I just wanted to say (that true to my geek form!) I am chuckling each time I earn a new badge over here. It’s fun!

Is there a list of all the possible badges somewhere? Or do we just enjoy the fun each time a new one appears on our profile? Idly curious, that’s all! :heart: Sending love you all - thanks for this cosy lounge. The sofas are great!


Loving the interface here. Feels so smooth and modern. I echo the request for a bit more detail on the badges and how to get them. It would be nice to have some surprises still, but perhaps a bit on the different levels of trust and what you can and can’t do?

Oh and I’m just so pleased that my username is a simple ‘liz’. Usually I end up with liz568 or have to be more creative. Don’t think I’ve ever been in so near the beginning of a new forum site.


I don’t even know what the badges are but the lounge is my new favorite lunch hangout. So much better than or any other internet news vortex likely to make me crazy. Thank you for the respite.


If you click on one of the badge notification you get, then it takes you to a description of the badge and how you earn it. Then at the top will be “Badges/whatever badge you are looking at” - you can click on the “Badges” and it will take you to a list of all possible badges and what they are for. I’m not sure I’m explaining it well - hopefully you can find it. It’s a neat list :slight_smile:


Good explanation. Thanks. Found it now!


I go to the lounge from my phone and seem to struggle to find the lounge door. I don’t see the icon up top and it’s not on the menu. I am an android gal. Am I missing something obvious?

I had this problem at first as well. Now if I go to the MDK page on my iphone, in the upper left hand corner there are two little conversation bubbles. Click on that and it takes you to the lounge.

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Dear Kay and Ann,

Thank you for this. It has been my “happy place” all week. I am not naive enough to expect everyone to share my point of view but at least I know that when I come here, I will have at least one thing in common with everyone else. And that’s enough for me.



I love the lounge! So smart! So fun! Both the people and the app. Then again it’s MDK, so of course it’s smart and fun.

Thanks guys! The site and the lounge is another home run (with bases loaded)!

Thank goodness there is somewhere on the internet for me to lose hours at a time.

(Although this is clearly the best place to do that.)

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And I, Luddite that I am, don’t even know what is meant by badges. :relaxed:

Hey, I’m back. Sorry.

I love the new site, the lounge, etc., etc.

The one thing I miss (and perhaps it is here but I am literally missing it), is a chroniclogical list of recent posts on MDK. Although thanks to the topics lit I did discover a wonderful post I missed in May.


Btw, I really do love this great sprawling (in the best sense) site/endeavor/meeting place.