Wool Rug Mending

“There’s a Hole in my Sweater” made me realize that I have a potential mending project on my hands. This is a wool rug from Pottery Barn, and I love it, but the edges are not holding up well. Have any of you visibly mended a wool rug? Do you have any blogs or books that helped? I need introductory instructions. I may email Tom of Holland, too.

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I am not a rug maker but I have dabbled in floor cloths. You might consider adding a binding for the edge and either turning it under or leaving it visible. For your rug I would try to find a piece of indigo or blue batik and make a double fold binding… or you might be inspired to use fuschia as I am wont to do…let us know what you decide.


google search this phrase: “How to bind or face a rug”. One of the links you will find is http://homeguides.sfgate.com/bind-fraying-carpet-39200.html which is about a different kind of carpet, but the info will apply. There is a carpet facing tape (adhesive) that you can buy, and a carpet knife and a hot glue gun will handle the details. That should keep the rug around long enough to wear out the middle.
Also- check in with an upholstery shop- a place that does awnings or boat covers- they will have a sewing machine that can sew on a facing or binding of your choice. Classier that the glue gun I think. Won’t be the first rug they have seen either.


I will definitely let you know. I am also a fan of the bold color contrast :slight_smile:

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Thanks! We have an upholstery shop nearby, in fact. I’m excited to rehab this rug. I love it, though I don’t love the workmanship of the edges :slight_smile:


You might be inspired by “Tom of Holland.” He does a lot of very visible darning/patching. He mostly darns knitted things, but often using weaving methods.

This is just one example. Good luck


Such a creative mind! I love his work. I am definitely feeling inspired.