A Contest: Guess What Project 3 Will Be for A Year of Techniques!

We’re superchuffed about Project 3, which will launch on Wednesday, May 3 with a new tutorial from Jen Arnall-Culliford. Take a guess at what this project will be, and you might win a kit for this project. Just leave your guess as a comment in this thread. If multiple folks guess the correct project, we’ll do a drawing from all correct entries.

Semi-useless hints: it uses three skeins of Rachel Coopey’s wonderful Socks Yeah! yarn. Three colors. You can see the kits here if you’re itching to order up yarn now. We have used the word “adorable” in describing this project.

Deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 2, 9 pm Pacific time. Winner will be announced in this comment thread and on Mason-Dixon Knitting.


Do you reply here or did I miss a secret link?

Yes, reply here! If multiple people guess the correct answer, then we’ll draw a winner from all correct entries.

Ok, I’ve given this a little bit of thought. Might the next project be mastering fair isle? The fact it requires three different colors of yarn – even though they are sock yarns, can’t be heel and thumb or sock patterns (what would be the point). Anyway, that’s my guess. I’m not quite half way through my intarsia project – it’s coming along very nicely but I can’t knit quickly enough!! I’ve ordered yarn for Technique 3, unknown as it is. Fun!!

My guess is an awesoem market bag!

An awesome market bag but an “awesoem” bag would no know be very special!

This will probably be waaaayyyy off the mark, but “adorable” makes me think baby. Maybe a toy from Ella Austin? Some exotic or fantasy creature? Or cute baby fair isle mukluks like the ones by Tin Can Knits?

(uh oh…that’s two guesses)

shoulder shawl with color work, stripes, perhaps

I’m going to guess pom poms and tassels, which would be adorable!

I am guessing a knitted softie toy.

I wonder if it might be a tea cosy?

An adorable baby something, in fair isle. We’ve done stripes and intarsia, so fair isle would be another multicolored technique.

I am guessing a knitted toy!!! I can’t remember any knitted toys/stuffed animals from your books. hmmm.

I vote for a spare toilet paper roll cover.

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I think those birdies with glasses were inspiring, so I’m going with a knit bird.

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I’ll guess hot water bottle cozy. Mine is actually very simple and practical, but there’s plenty of room for whimsy in hwbc design :slight_smile:

I guesss socks of some kind. Maybe an afterthought heel sock?

When you said whimsical and small, it must be one of Ella Austin’s animal toys showcasing a Fair Isle design! I would guess it is one of her adorable barnyard animals but the colors also make me think of a parrot.
There was an African parrot named Alex in the eighties that was written up in psychological papers from Massachusetts demonstrating that birds can have the same logical thinking skills of a dolphin or preschool child.

I hope it is a tea cozy…I’ve been wanting a Make one in a knit along!

I’m also going to guess a toy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen on MDK! I think with some kind of fair isle. Now I’m excited to see!!