Technique Number 4: Knitted-on Edging

A Year of Techniques now takes a sharp turn from adorable, lanky mice and graceful swaths of intarsia toward a quick project that is going to up our style game considerably.


Oh no, another “must make”! After seeing the photo, I 'm in!

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What yarn will you be using?

I finally decided on what color to make. I’m going with the Fyberspates Vivacious 4 ply in the blue, which is called Deep Aqua. Winding yarn in anticipation = part of the fun!

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I’m thinking I might make another in plum. It’s a pretty quick knit, although the edging took slightly longer than I expected. I found some nice buttons too. That’s often the hardest part in my experience!

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I’m still not finding my June cloche hat. I’ve checked ravelry again just now. Looking forward to making this fetching little head gear.

I’m nearly done with the increases for the top. Love this Fiberspates 4-ply!


I’ve sent you a private message with an email address to contact us so that we can get you all fixed up. :slight_smile:

This looks fabulous!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you! It’s a beautiful pattern and my first Romi

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I think I will use the “go with everything” gray. Must stuff Alex the mouse first though!

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Mine too! I’ve been wanting to make one of hers for forever. I must choose one of her shawls to make soon too. :heart_eyes:

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Happy to be climbing on the Romi Hill bandwagon–this is my first time
making a pattern of hers. Awesome!


I don’t consider this a quick knit. I have had many starts and have had to frog them all. I am now on my way with about 1/3 done. It requires a quiet room and concentration. When I lose my concentration, I have to quit. It is fun to watch the pattern develop as I knit. Maybe I can finish it soon. Fingers crossed this time. It is easy to put a yarn over in the wrong place, or leave it out. These are easy enough to correct if I find them in time.


I haven’t made much progress with mine just because it requires so much alone concentration!
It is beautiful and I am hoping that I can get a few hours in tomorrow… meanwhile I’d love to see your progress.

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I am enjoying watching the pattern develop. There is so much learning in each of these monthly techniques. This one contains a much different lace pattern than I am used to. The increases and decreases serve to move single columns of stitches across the fabric in diagonal lines. Very Interesting. It didn’t notice this when I was listening to a book while trying to knit this.


Hi kids,

I need a little advice. Does anyone have a sense of the yardage on this. I’ve got lots and lots (and lots) of the correct weight yarn for this but some are leftovers and some are whole skeins. Would love to have an idea of how much I will use before I commit to a yarn on this.

Thanks. If you’re in NY, I hope you survived this horrific heatwave (made worse by the fact that our air conditioners have not been installed yet at work). If you’re not in NY, be thankful!


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Someone on Ravelry said that she had 200 meters left over after finishing her cloche. I can’t remember how many meters are in the Fiberspates yarn for this project.

Thanks Marta! This is just what I needed to know. Now I have to make a decision–perhaps the hardest part!

Hiya! The hat uses just over half of the skein. So about 200m as @martasullivan says. :slight_smile: I hope that helps. Jen

Hi Jen,

I was so far behind on AYOT that as soon as I finished the intarsia shawl, I tried the Alex nose to get the pinhole cast-on and went right to the Talmadge Cloche…the rest of Alex will have to wait. I love both of these techniques! I have a couple of questions…dumb questions, maybe, but since you are the teacher, here goes:

1-When working the edges of the knitted-on edging, what is the advantage of K1 tbl? Is this what makes the edge neater? It looks great but I would love to read your description in words as to why this is so.

2-When working this edging, why do we use one needle a size smaller for the RS but still keep the 3mm needle for the WS. Again, it looks great, but I would love to know in words why this works.

Thank you so much.