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Atlas Insider: Fireflies

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When I lost my job, I took a train trip across Asia and on our second night from Beijing to Ulan Bator, we got to watch the sun set over the Gobi Desert! We all leaned out the train windows to watch as the flaming orange sky slowly deepened in color as the sun went down, eventually leaving us to travel in total darkness.

To be honest, it was then that I wished I was a yarn dyer, instead of a knitter and weaver! Those colors would have made an amazing skein of yarn!

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Fireflies: a wonder for sure. About 20 years ago Central New York was treated to a rare and beautiful aurora borealis for two hours. I watched the pink, purple, and red undulations during the entire show. I always look up at night waiting for a repeat but am grateful for he first and maybe only colorful show.


Watching rabbits play leapfrog in my backyard. They were playing, bouncing around and over each other. It lasted about 6 minutes. Super cute. Not fireflies, but still wondrous.


When I was living in Seattle, I had to drive down to Florence, OR. I was relatively new to the west coast in general and I had never visited OR yet so this was a great opportunity. Everyone said I MUST drive up the Oregon Coast at some point. I decided to do it on my way home.

Well, I had my books on tape ready for the trek. But I had to turn them off. I was sooooo distracted by the stunning views. I kept say “Oh wow”. Oh wow". OH WOW!!! I lost count how many times I pulled over.

The trip literally took all day to get home when it should have been roughly 1/2 the time but it was worth every extra minute.


Fireflies. How very magical, indeed. Nature continually inspires, alternately calming and thrilling, full of repeating patterns and audacious colors. Daily I am moved by a variety of native and cultivated flowers, bee and bird species, Redwood National and State Parks, a Wild/Scenic designated Smith River, the daily weather. It does show up in knitting:)


The first time I saw an indigo bunting in my backyard, I thought it was someone’s escaped pet. I continue to be amazed that something as lovely and exotic lives in the woods behind my suburban New Jersey home!


Fireflies have enchanted me since childhood. There seem to have been fewer and fewer over the years in my garden, but I am pleased to say that this year there are plenty. I stand in the dark on my terrace every night to watch their aerobatics. Pure delight.