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Bang Out a Kiki Mariko

Hello Knitters!

We are so excited to launch our 6th annual bang-it-out Knitalong: Bang Out a Kiki Mariko! The Kiki Mariko rug is a quick knit using Lamb’s Pride Bulky on size 15 needles. With a simple stranded colorwork pattern, machine felting, and the thrill of a steek- this pattern has us so excited to cast on! Please share any and all Kiki related progress, photos, questions, advice, etc., through this post.

Steek Cutting Party Recording can be found here: Steek Cutting Party

Zoom Cast on Party Recording

Yarn kits are available here: Kiki Mariko Rug Kit. The kit includes a PDF download of the pattern, so you’ll be ready to go on February 1. If you already have yarn and want to join in on the fun, the pattern is offered in the MDK Shop and also on Ravelry

We will update this top post with links and tutorials you might find helpful as you Bang Out your own Kiki- to start, here is our knitalong kickoff post: In February, let’s bang out a Kiki Mariko

Steek Chart:

Helpful links:

Here’s an excellent video on stranded knitting. It focuses on color dominance, which is not really an issue with the Kiki Mariko pattern, but Jen Arnall-Culliford also demonstrates different ways to hold the 2 colors of yarn. The way that Ann and Kay both do it is demonstrated around the 1:50 mark of the video: A Year of Techniques: Fair Isle Color Dominance! - Modern Daily Knitting

MDK Rule Number Whatever: Keep Driving

Ravelry Post including Steek chart

Kay’s Mini Kiki: Ramping Up: A Mini Kiki Mariko - Modern Daily Knitting

Let’s get ready to steek: Let's Get Ready to Steek - Modern Daily Knitting

We’re halfway there: Bang Out a Kiki Mariko: We're Halfway There! - Modern Daily Knitting

Steeking: What it is, why it’s fun: Steeking: What It Is, Why It's Fun - Modern Daily Knitting


This looks like a great stash buster project as I have a load of Patons worsted and Cascade 220 - all 100% wool - from previous felting projects.

I noticed the MDK kits have either a series of distinct colors or the blues had repeating colors.

Any tips or ideas on color placement or sequencing?

Anyone else stash busting, what yarns are you using? I’m thinking I am going to swatch with some worsted weight held double to see about the gauge is and the size/shrinkage post felting so I can adjust.

That said, felting allows so much freedom I know it’s not worth overthinking too much. It’s one of my favorite things to do with fiber. Can’t wait to make my rug.


I have a question. I’m very interested in making one of these for outside the bathtub. Once felted, how do I care for it? I’ve never done a big felting project, so I’m confused on how to wash it later, for routine care??


I’m also stash busting and doubling worsteds.
Kay mentioned Marling… so many ways to go with this trip.


I wondered about this as well. We need a floor mat for our kitchen, and I thought this might work, but I wondered about that kind of wear. We cook a lot, so I do think it would need to be washed somewhat frequently. I’d love advice about whether that’s a realistic use for this.


@Candace and @Amys - this probably isn’t going to be your best bet for a rug that needs frequent washing. Even though it’s felted, since it’s wool you want to wash gently and air dry so it doesn’t turn as stiff as a board! We definitely envision this as more of an accent rug- maybe next to a bed?


Thanks, that’s super helpful. I think you’re right. It was a bit of wishful thinking on my part!


Hi there – very excited to start. I have the original pattern in my MDK Knitting Outside the Lines book - how critical is it to have the updated instructions? I’m fine with the additional purchase - just wondering how significant the updates may be. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, what length circular 15 needles should I get? Thank you!

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The pattern calls for 32" long :slight_smile:

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The overall stitch pattern is the same as in the original pattern from the book but we’ve made some improvements help with flaring at the edges and added additional instructions for felting in a front-loading washing machine.


Thanks Allison!
It’s good to know that it needs to air dry, whatever the usage.

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I thought I posted here last night. Hmm! Must’ve dreamed it. Anyway, I’m awaiting my yarn and ready to start. I put together my own color scheme at yarn .com, because I’m shooting for a beachy look for my daughter’s new apartment. Color is not my forte so I hope it works!


Here is a photo of mine so far. I ordered the kit the day the holiday gift shop opened – I loved it so much. Of course I started right away but needed to put it down to finish up Christmas gift knitting. I’m back!! I’m using size 13 needles – and those feel huge in my hands. Of course I need to finish this one first, but am already thinking about a blue one – I have a grandson who LOVES blue. And one that loves green – wonder what I could pull together for that!!!


I am so glad someone mentioned stash busting. I was given a whole bunch of Shetland bulky and could not imagine what to do with it and think this will be a perfect project for that.

I have a question about the Zoom meeting on the 1st. It says 4pm central so that’s 5pm Eastern is that correct? I was not able to get on the last one when I tried at about 4:55pm. Thanks for your help.


Stash busting here! I have tons of Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Although I will need to fill in with a few colors. This rug has been on my to do list for some time! Can’t wait to start it!


Wow, that’s looking great! I am not used to using such large knitting needles either, it was a little awkward at first!

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Argh! My yarn isn’t arriving until 2/3. I want to start!

Yep- that’s 5pm EST! There was a little mixup with the links but I’ll post the official link here and there shouldn’t be a problem getting in this time! :slight_smile:

Ok great!!! Thank you!!!

Linda Chamberlain