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What’s on your needles? We’d love to see. And offer free, unsolicited, possibly-unhelpful-but-entirely-good-hearted advice if you need it.


I have made a Carpet Bag based on the Kiki Mariko pattern


Wow, that’s so cool—and such a wonderful use of the [Kiki Mariko rug pattern]( Did you use a bag pattern to arrive at this great shape, or did you freestyle it?

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I Modified a pattern from Cabin Fever called Sheepstrings Big Bag


Okay, Ann and/or Kay, I don’t know which one of you to thank/blame for this, because I’m not sure which one wrote about Venn, which I then showed to my daughter, which she then loved . . .


I get all thanks, Kay gets all blame.


Venn is a really lovely pattern, and I forgive it for being time-consuming. Each circle, knit on dinky needles in the round, is sort of a sphere, or at least a hollow pancake. The tip of each one is seeded with the color of the next–what a brilliantly simple idea. There’s a cardigan by Julia Farwell-Clay that has this sort of “seeding” look, which I like very much.

The yarn is a Party of Five pack of Tough Love Sock, by Sweet Georgia Yarns. Orchid, birch, melon, pistachio, and lettuce wrap.

There are three repeats, and I’m almost ready to begin #3. Then two half-pancakes will be Kitchenered together . . . 80 stitches in all . . . oh, fun!


Oh man! I love this thing!


I’m knitting squares. I struggled with tendinitis all summer and had a difficult time with knitting, but then Franklin Habit finished his Floralia pattern which was all garter stitch on relatively big (US 6) needles with soft, springy yarn, and I knew that was going to be something I could knit. The pattern still hasn’t made it to Ravelry, and it was only recently made available elsewhere, so I have kind of been winging it based on Franklin’s blog posts, which were plenty clear and explicit. I have to knit 64 squares, then assemble them as a quilt would be assembled, quite apropos for a knitting pattern inspired by a quilt pattern. I’ve knit 46.25 squares so far, so I’m in good shape (and itching to start the Station Wagon Blanket). The only issue is that it appears that I am not going to have enough of two colors to finish, a drawback to not having an actual pattern when I ordered the yarn, so I need to order two more skeins at about $24 apiece. But I can’t stop now, and I’m looking forward to having this lap blanket for snuggling under when I’m knitting this winter!


I love Floralia! Please share it here when you’ve finished!


So many things on needles right now: Open Air Wrap for a friend, Riddari for another friend, a top-down improvised linen tunic for myself, a Beiroa top-down Bulb for myself, a log cabin baby blanket in tosh sock for my neice (poised to be ready when she and her husband are tapped to adopt…thoughts and prayers, please). And I just bought a Daisy Latvian mitten kit from…somewhere…At one time all this openendedness would have driven me crazy. I knit what I knit when I knit.


I’m working on finishing a Windy Scarf and Umaro blanket before starting my next project: Kieron Foley’s Renaissance Stripes.


A few years ago, on our way between Scottsbluff and Casper, WY, I realized we could stop at the Brown Sheep outlet in Mitchell, Nebraska and picked up some Lamb’s Pride seconds. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it since then. I’m working on Miranda by Josee Paquin with one set of the seconds:


Open Air Wrap fist bump!


So many things: Vogue’s Fair Isle tubular scarf, Intertidal (laceweight stockinette) sweater, a Baby Cocktails sweater, the Open Air Wrap, Persian Dreams blanket, and a bee-stitch linen hand towel inspired by MDK’s love of hand towels and Euroflax. Actually, this list isn’t as long as expected; either I am slightly less quixotic than I thought, or I’m forgetting something.

Yesterday I started a pair of socks because my WIPs are all taking too freaking long, and I want to finish something.


Current projects in ‘rotation’: EZ’s Pelerine, Dr Who scarf, Rocquaine (from PomPom mag) Jaywalker socks, handspun mohair and lama socks. Never enough time…


I am deep into Christmas knitting now. Am working on Chevron Cloud. My oldest daughter is getting married in April…outdoors. So, I will gift her with this for Christmas. She will have it if she needs it and if not, I hope she will enjoy it. I am using Handmaid Maiden Hair and Shibui Silk cloud in whites and am totally loving the feel of this project. This, of course, means that I have many UFOs awaiting my return!!!


Working on the very very end of a log cabin blanket, in Noro Silk Garden Sock. On size 2 needles. Not entirely sure what I was thinking. Actually, I was thinking I wanted a big big blanket that didn’t weigh more than I do. Originally it was going to be king-sized, but it got scaled down to double-bed or queen sized.

I was so close to finishing when I dropped it on a burning citronella candle this summer, which took the wind out of my sails a bit…

Luckily, only one square and a bit of border in a color I hated were affected. Unfortunately, it took me all summer to get over my frustration, which is why it’s just now getting done.

Naturally, there are about five other projects on the needles or floating around in my mind…


Oh, no! That might have been enough for me to put a project in time out for a few years at least . . .

I usually have like 4-5 things going on, but right now I just have two! A mitten (xmas gift for my dad) and a cowl.
I am going on a 6 hour trainride on wednsday, (and back again on saturday) and need to bring some knitting. (Well yes i am travleling with a 2 year old, but i still have high hopes of knitting) not sure what to bring along yet. I am pondering a ribbed skirt, and the cowl.