Bullet Journaling Joy

Here’s where we can share our love of bullet journaling, and the countless ways there are to make your journal your home.

Here’s the recording of our Zoom session with Felix Ford, which included a guided exercise to make a flyer of our year.

Notes from Felix

Thank you for making a Flyer of Your Year. The exercise was inspired by an amazing art project called “Learning to Love You More” by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher in which people responded creatively to a moving set of prompts. See how folks responded to “MAKE A FLYER OF YOUR DAY” here: Learning To Love You More

Additional Fun

We wholeheartedly recommend the online course that made keeping a journal a joyful mainstay of our lives: Felicity Ford’s self-paced bullet journaling course. Use MDK’s affiliate link and this code: MODERNDAILYKNITSONIK— to enroll for 10 percent off! (Thanks, Felix!) You can also find the links Felix shared during the zoom below.

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Overjoyed not Overwhelmed: Creative Strategies for Playing with Colour by Felicity Ford (online talk)