CARBETH-stuck in mid air

Okay so I have reached the summit, the point where the SSK and K2TOG meet.
The directions say that this is the back and to begin the ribbing with decreases evenly…SO

I don’t see any shaping in the instructions

SO how can one side be the front?

No one else seems to have had any issues.

Seriously, I cannot wrap my brain around this. I know that I am currently 33,000 feet up in the air, but I can’t figure this out! I still have 2 hours of flight time and They’ve stopped serving alcohol (not that I had any in the first rounds at any rate) and my second project is in the checked luggage.

Help please!


The neck is a funnel, so front and the back are the same, without any shaping. I actually wear mine however I manage to pop it on.
I do hope that this is helpful!


Nell, how awesome that you replied so promptly that Sandy could keep knitting at 33,000 ft. with 2 hours to go!


How funny you said this, because I was wondering if everyone was doing this. I’ve never had a sweater that was the same front and back but this one really is.


Thanks, Annie - It was fortunate timing for the most part!

I marked the back of my Carbeth sweater with a woolen embroidery stitch in differing color to mark front and back :)) !


I am just impressed that you were able to access in-flight wifi and send your message to the knitting world! Congratulations! (I’ve never been able to successfully connect). I’m currently mid-sleeve one on the re-knit (don’t ask) of my Carbeth. How did yours turn out?

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