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Dishcloth yarn with silk??

I have some Debbie Bliss Amalfi yarn (70% cotton, 15% viscose, 10% linen, 5% silk). If I use it for dishcloths will the silk be a problem?? I am tired of using Sugar 'n Cream and having the colors fade. Plus want lighter weigh dishcloths that will dry more quickly. Do you think they could still go in the washer and dryer??

I don’t know the yarn, but I wash silk with n lingerie bags in the machine. With only 5% silk, it will probably be fine, but why not make a small square and try it out? Worst case you will probably have a very pretty coaster!

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Thanks! I will give it a shot. It is a rather drab color (tan) and I have
only two skeins. What do I have to lose, right?!

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I belive the silk will make it stronger, while adding a sheen. You can also try over-dying it

thanks for the suggestion to overdye. Since I did go ahead and use the yarn for dishcloths, I figured the “dingy” color would not show the dirt too much. They are light-weight (means they dry quickly) and so far seem to be holding up well. I think you are right that the silk might make them stronger. And now I have one more yarn out of my stash!! :smile:

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