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Dish Towels in Linen

I have been making the Ball Band Dishcloths for a few months of being home.
Using the Rowen cotton. Somewhere I read about a knitter making them with linen - they dry quicker and are stronger. Does anyone know where to find this link?
I want to make more and am thinking of trying another kind of yarn.


I’d like to read about someone’s opinion of BB dishcloths in linen too! I was curious, and really wanted to knit with Euroflax sport linen again, so…

I started one;)
I’m going to knit it longer because, after 68 rows, it’s not quite square-ish yet. After I wash & dry it, I’ll report back but it’s got an abrasive texture so I’m thinking it will make a great face/body exfoliator!

Hey - thanks for responding. That looks great!
I need to get some Euroflax - I have been very distracted lately, but really think the linen would be nice.
In the meantime I bought more of the Rowen cotton to keep my hands busy.
There is also a cool ‘leaf’ washcloth with a loop that is made with that Euroflax that seems doable for me.
It is in the Field guide #11.
Take care - Mary Jo


My experiment knitting a Ballband Dishcloth in Euroflax sport linen is complete👏

Gotta love the drape of machine washed and dried linen😍


Thanks for the pics. That does it !! I’m ordering that yarn today. Totally right about the drape of linen. I have been making the mini ball band dishcloths casting on 33 I like the size.
Appreciate your sharing.
Mary Jo

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Yes! Order the Euroflax! I initially cast on for the mini “traveling salesman sample” size but it looked so tiny in this sport wt. So I continued casting on for the “regulation” size and thought that was not substantial enough either. So I cast on another 6 for another pattern repeat size😧and I think it’s too big;) lol

Just getting back to this project. What size needles were you using?
I have a new stash of the Euroflax - I also want to try those cool Bodi leaves using the Euroflax.

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Well, all my knitting is packed & shipped except a few things in my checked bags, but I’m pretty certain I knit Euro flax on size #6 needles;)
You have fun, enjoy!