Knitting with Jute?

Hello Loungers - A friends has asked me to knit some back scrubbers for use in the bath or shower. She wants a natural fiber that obviously has a scrubby texture. We’re thinking jute, but I can imagine this could be uncomfortable to knit and more unforgiving than linen! Any suggestions out there as to a) how to work with jute or b) a substitute for jute. Also, how sturdy would jute be for repeated soakings?

Thanks in Advance!

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I’ve not knit with jute, but you might try hemp. It is similar to linen and tends to be a bit less expensive I think.


Great idea! Thank you. I hadn’t thought of hemp!

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This brings back some memories! I tried to work with jute a long (loong) time ago - to crochet the base for espadrilles I wanted to make. It was very uncomfortable. I think I bought the jute from the hardware store :smirk:


No, do not knit with jute, there is a fiber in Ecuador that is from a plant and knit just gorgeous, Im triyng to get in contact with the Association of Womens that make this, if you want I can let you know as soon I know something, they made gorgeous crochet bags with this material, let me know

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