Aran Superwash Recommendations?

My friend’s daughter, a novice knitter, has asked for my knitterly help (!!!) with yarn selection for a baby bunting pattern which - to my utter astonishment - has no projects on rav yet.
Pattern calls for Cascade 220 Aran Superwash, but the reviews on that yarn are mixed, especially in terms of post-washing and wear.
If it was me, I’d weigh the pros and cons of soft (it’s merino) vs wear and so on, and then take my chances. But I’m not having a baby and I handwash pretty much everything anyway. It would be such a shame if this lovely knitter worked away at this special gift only to have it pill horribly or something when the new parents wash it a couple of times.
Any recommendations for a superwash aran yarn that will feel baby-soft AND wear well in post-production? Thanks!

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I use cotton for most baby things and all have held up well.

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For soft and kid-friendly, I like Berroco Vintage an awful lot. It comes in a bulky too. I don’t have experience with the Chunky, but if it’s like the regular, it’s got loads of colors, feels nice, and puts up with a lot of washing. Link: Berroco Vintage Chunky


I use Berroco Comfort: 50% Super Fine Acrylic, 50% Super Fine Nylon… A different kind of “superwash.”

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I have a ball of Ella Rae Classic Superwash is a worsted weight that is good quality and soft. I would recommend that - there are a lot of colors to choose from. If you can find it, Knitaly is a great super wash yarn and wears well. Ravelry says it is still available but I suspect it may be discontinued.

Thanks for the suggestions! sorry I’ve been offline and now on Tiny Cellphone so struggling to post.wiillbshare your ideas w knitter :slight_smile:

My go-to yarn for babies is Comfy by Knitpicks. It comes in fingering, sport and worsted weight though all three are on the thin side for their designations. It washes well and wears like iron. It is also super soft.

Oh and it is totally washer/dryer safe.

I use Spud & Chloe Sweater (worsted weight) or Outer (bulky) for all baby knits. I machine wash cold and dry in the dryer on low and they come out really well. They are a wool/cotton blend. Just finished a baby blanket using it and it washed and dried beautifully.

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