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Best acrylic baby yarn and patterns

Hello all,
UPDATE: Thank you for all replies and I should have requested BEST YARNS as I am aware of so many other baby choices other than acrylic.

I am excited to be knitting my first new born baby set for my best friend’s granddaughter. Any advice on yarns and patterns-preferably a set? My thought is acrylic is washable and non-itchy.
thank you!


I’ve found a yarn I just love for baby and toddler knits, and it’s not acrylic (well, not 100%). It’s Knit Picks “Comfy”. It’s 75% Pima cotton & 25% acrylic. Machine wash & dry! Comes in fingering & worsted (I only knit worsted weight yarns). I thought it felt like kite string the first time I knit with it (had never knit with plant fiber😄) but after washing and drying it was sooo very soft!


I have to start by saying that I am not a yarn snob (which probably actually automatically makes me a yarn snob) but I am not an acrylic fan. I don’t like the way it feels in my hands when I’m working with it and is not at all forgiving. You’re never going to “block it out” in acrylic. It’s also highly flammable (it’s a petroleum product) and pills like Courtney Love on a bender.

That said, that are lots of great yarns that are machine washable. I’m a big fan of Cascade’s superwash yarns. Also Neighborhood Fiber Company’s superwash. Yes, I know, it’s a chemical process but it’s the lesser or two evils and it maintains the blockability, breathability, and sturdiness of 100% wool. I like to identify as an environmentalist and try to avoid things like plastic but that family sized Green Apple Suave Shampoo in my shower right now is in a plastic bottle so I try to keep my hypocrisy in check.

Any superwash that I use goes in the washing machine and then in the dryer (dramatic gasp) just to “take the wet out” of it. Usually takes about five minutes so it’s just damp and then I lay it flat (sometimes with some pins) until it’s fully dry. Superwash might pill a little but, generally, it only pills once. Shave them off with a cheapo razor and Bob’s yer uncle.

As to patterns, I’m a huge fan of the Korrigan set from Solenn Couix-Loarer. Here’s a Ravelry link to her pattern page. There’s a hat, a blanket, and a tiny sweater. It’s 90% easy as pie and then a little tiny challenge on the cables. Not a hard one, you just have to pay attention. I’ve made the blanket at least a dozen times.

If the wee bairn is in a warm climate (or not), you can also try Kay’s Stripey Baby Blanket. I made one and it is easy, fast, and I want one for myself. It’s generously sized, beautiful, and ridiculously cozy. Did I mention that I want one for myself. You can pair it with really any other sweater, hat, and/or booties.

It’s wonderful of you to make this for your friend. All babies should be welcomed to the world and immediately handed a present that is full of love. They’re brand new and are not yet subject to the idea of deserving to be loved. It’s simply handed to them - no questions asked - when they arrive and a wonderful way to begin a life.


Thank you! I see some really cute baby thing made from that on Ravelry.


Thank you for introducing me to Solenn Couix-Loarer. her patterns are classy yet simple. I am excited to start one!


Oh! The little cowboy boots! Little Chausses


This is what I knit with Comfy Color Mist for my oldest granddaughter.


This year I’ve made three baby blankets for newborns. I like doing blankets as you don’t need to worry about size and they likely will be used far longer than an article of clothing. I use a washable wool. Here are some ideas from my ravelry page:


I am knitting a French Macaroon baby sweater right now using Cascade Ultra Pima cotton yarn for a baby boy. I’m using two shades of blue. I did one two years ago for a baby girl. It’s so cute and really easy.


She is so cute. I like garter stitch too.

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A blanket is a nice keepsake. I am thinking of a set now:)

Thank you for pic!

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Good luck! For me it is more about washability than the content. I’ve made a ton of baby things in Tahki Cotton Classic which comes in a ton of colors and can often be found on sale. I also use sock yarns, which are generally soft and washable. I think you have a lot of options.

I have not done a ton of sets, more sweaters or blankets. Tin Can Knits does lots of patterns in baby - adult too. My only suggestion is that I often do a 12 month size even for newborns so that it might get worn a bit more before being outgrown!


Thank you! She is my niece’s baby, Lily June. So I guess she’s my grand niece.

I should have added on my first post that the pattern calls for a button tab with button hole on the back, but because this is a boat neck it’s really not necessary. It’s really fiddly knitting, the kind I least enjoy, so I’m not doing it on this one. I’ll do a stretchy bind off on the neck.

And, on the Ravelry page they show a hat to go with the sweater.


She’s adorable​:heartpulse: Cascade makes a Pima Cotton too?! Good to know :+1:t2:

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Thank you!! We think she’s rather adorable.

Yes, Cascade makes pima cotton. It has a beautiful bit of sheen to it. It’s what I use when I make Knitted Knockers. It isn’t “splitty.” I really like it.


I need to knit a blanket for my niece’s baby due in December. Absolutely love the Solenn-Couirx Loarer patterns! Thanks for the suggestion. I decided on the Envol (Flight) pattern. I love it in the off- white color shown. They are not finding out the baby’s gender - so this will be perfect. Thinking of using Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes in superwash bulky. Would love to use the yarn suggested in the pattern, but I can’t give a blanket that needs to be hand washed. That is a bit much for new parents! :blush:


I agree about the sizing. Years ago I sewed my first newborn set and when she was born she was almost a toddler size!

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I think that would be beautiful. Just make sure you get enough in the bulky and you’ll probably have to change your needle size. It’s going to be bigger! I thinks that’s fabulous. I like a nice, warm, squeezy baby blanket!

Thanks! Have a question. When you do a blanket do you slip the first stitch each time to get a nice edge?

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