Euroflax Mini Skeins: Color Bleeding?

Has anyone who’s used the Euroflax miniskeins experienced color bleeding, either when knitting or washing?

I got the Euroflax miniskeins in Santa Fe and St Lucia, and am planning to make a large rectangular wrap using them as stripes of color, against some stash in neutrals (pale gray, medium gray, cream).

I knit a swatch with the dark purple color of the Euroflax and didn’t notice any dye coming off on my hands, but I’m worried when I wash it it may bleed into the light colors. Has this happened to anyone else?


Good question. I don’t have an answer as I’m still knitting with mine (Sea colorway) but I know who would be able to answer your question. @Kay and @nellknits


I knit my striped top with both bright colors and neutrals, machine washed and dried, and did not notice any color bleeding. If you wanted to be safe, you could soak the bright colors in the skein to check.


Oh, your knitting plan sounds lovely.
I haven’t noticed bleeding at all. If you need insurance, wet a few inches of the darker color and blot it out between white paper towels.


Oh!!! That IS a good idea :+1:t2:


Thanks all! I tested the dark purple from Santa Fe and the deep pink of the Fire colorway and noticed no bleeding, so I went ahead and got started. It’s a bit slow going as I ended up casting on 300 stitches, but it’s fun to plot out all the different stripes and bits of colors.


Love your color selections!

Oh wow, beautiful :heart_eyes: