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Ideas for Euroflax Linen Mini Skeins

I used my lovely “Sea” color way to knit “Dangling Conversation” by Mindy Ross:
Love how it turned out!


Wow–I really love how this turned out, Tamara. Thanks for the links and pix–beautiful!

I’m making a variation on the Zick Zack scarf. I bought a skein of cream (which looks pretty white to me) because I wanted a really crisp chevron scarf with a good contrast between the rows of the Sea colorway. I’m devising my own color changes as I go; a small improvisation, but my first ever in knitting. Lotta ends, though, lotta ends…

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Kay once mentioned trying Euroflax for ballband dishcloths. Did you ever try that, Kay? I love my Zooey from Juniper Moons Farm, but the mini-skeins would be a great size for multicolored dishcloths.


I’m about to start a “Dangling Conversation” with the Euroflax mini-skeins I got from y’all a few weeks ago. I made three swatches to see what fabric I liked best, and washed all of them in the washing machine along with a load of laundry. They didn’t soften up much, and I’m wondering what else I might do with the scarf when it’s done to make it as soft as others assure us it will be. Conditioner? Shampoo? Euculan? I’m open to suggestion.

Did you use fabric softener? I do think that could help. And multiple washings…

I’m designing a little something with my mini-skeins. After six swatchy starts, I can telll you that the yarn starts to soften up some! I’ve knit with Euroflax Sport before; it can definitely benefit from trips through the washing machine.

I also have the Sea colorway. It came on vacation with me, and fit right in!


Would love to see what you decide to knit with your mini skeins. But I have a burning question. Are you on Maui? That looks like Molokai. Beautiful.

Good eye! Yes, I was on Maui, in Kahana. And that is Molokai! But I’m back home now.

I want to make a fairly long scarf with my minis, so it’s a pretty narrow piece. I just finished the first of the minis (pale blue) and am now knitting with pale green.

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Your scarf sounds pretty. That’s my favorite color way. We stay near Kahana, just up the road, not quite to Napili Beach. Love that view.


It’s done! I used my Euroflax minis to design my SeaScape Scarflette, a cross between a scarf and a shawlette. The edging is designed to look like the curl of the waves off Maui. I love, love, love it.

The colors remind me of this view:

I just published the pattern today. It’s now my favorite thing to wear!


Oh wow! That’s so pretty! And I love how it ties in to your Maui view.

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I took it to Nashville last month and showed it to MDK Ann!


You should knit the linen facecloths It’s a great way to learn a new stitch and they make the most lovely gifts.


More linen mini-madness!

This is my new Linden Leaf scarf pattern, published today on Ravelry. I used the MDK Euroflax minis, Forest colorway. Love that green pop!

Biscuit helped organize!

I have loved working with these minis; it’s a little crunchy to knit with but the finished fabric is so lovely after blocking.

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Ever since I saw Ann’s post (in November of last year), picturing a free-form linen knitted piece, in a natural color and shown in the first MDK Field Guide, I wanted to knit something inspired by Ann’s work. I have two sets of the earth colorway, and have so far knit through 7 of the 10 total skeins. I’ve used a few different simple lace stitches (primarily K2tog / yo in various combinations) alternating with several garter ridges. The elongated section is the stitch found in the MDK Monteagle bag. I love how it’s coming along.
Help! How do I add an actual photo?

What size needles are you using?

I used a 3.75mm/US 5 for this. I love the swingy crisp drapeyness of this fabric.

Marta - are you replying to me - to ask what size needles I’m using on my “earth colorway wrap,” or to “pdxknitterati?” If you are asking me, I am using size 4, wood needles, because the yarn is slippery on metal, which I usually prefer. Even so, I’m having trouble with gauge, i.e., my stitches are very loose. But, in a linen wrap, in this lovely colorway, I don’t think that matters.

I started with #5 and then went to #4 also. Thanks. I wanted open but not loose and so far so good. I think that I am knitting a different scarf. It is called “Dangling Confersations” and with Euroflax linen.