Field Guide 15 Modifications for Newbies and Chickens

I have a question about row 97 of the aperture stole, which I’m about to start. The end of the instructions for that line reads "]twice, k2, yok, s2kp2, yo, k5, yo, ssk. “Yok” is not defined and I’m guessing it should be “yo,”. Am I correct? Any help would be appreciated.

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I am an advanced beginning knitter. I finished the Rib Lace Scarf and just started Tumbling Blocks. I always read the Abbreviations to make ensure I am forming a stitch correctly. In the Field Guide the SSK and SSP directions are written the same. Is this correct? Seems like the SSP is in error.

Here is my Rib Lace. I steam-blocked as suggested. First time for that!


I watched the video from Jen AC knitwear - left leaning lace. Very helpful. She used S2 knit wise, return to left needle, purl 2 together through the back loop for the SSP

Thanks so much for the response, Elaine! I emailed MDK and that is an error in the book. It should be done exactly as you suggested. Nell from MDK responded within an hour on a Saturday! Was able to knit all weekend!!! :smile:

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Has anyone finished or started the Clerestory Shawl? If so, since it is a large shawl will you be blocking it all at once or in parts; ie, each end and the center separately? Also did any of you need to go down in needle size to get gauge…my yarn was Lichen and Lace and I ended up using a #7 needle. I have a full skein left over in day lily.

So happy I could help!

Does anyone know if there’s a certain condition that prevents one from successfully knitting “easy” lace scarves like the Ribbed Lace Scarf on a 3 hour plane flight, while watching Call The Midwife or chewing gum? Asking for a friend…

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It’s the altitude. Ive had the same problem on planes.

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Any tips for color changes on Aperture Stole? I’m an advanced beginner and haven’t done many projects with color changes. Thank you!!

So sorry to have missed this post, and yes, yok should just be yo. Thanks for mentioning it!

This is a great question. I leave a long tail, and just hold both the old and new tail in my right hand while I work a few stitches. Then I tie a bow with the ends (to be run in later).
I’m sure that there are other solutions out there, this is just the technique that I use.