Field Guide 22: Grace Knitalong!

Thank you for responding. One problem is that the buttonholes for the back panel are already in place and, therefore, won’t match the front panels. I’m probably overthinking this, especially since no one else has expressed having problems with this issue.

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I just finished this. I just need to block it. I followed the pattern exactly as written. It seems to fit fine. I wouldn’t say that I have broad shoulders but they are probably considered average. I love it and will use it a lot this winter. Good luck. I’m sure yours will be fine too.


Congratulations, it’s just lovely!

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Hi, sorry for the late response. I did not leave room for shoulder or neck shaping, just trusting in the fact that the soft fabric will meld into the shape that I want. I have not blocked it yet, basically, for that reason. I wanted to wear it a bit, and consider which direction I wanted it to adjust, in blocking. The first button hole on the front is very very high, unlike other garments that I’ve had. I think perhaps that is a design element to allow it to be worn back to front as it suggested as an alternative way to use it. (Anyone with interesting ideas in those permutations, I’d love to hear from you.)
I agree that having the front button holes match the sides was important to me. I figured I could always leave the top one undone, I don’t know how this will all go, but it’s a fun experiment.


Thank you for responding! I decided to follow the directions as written and to not overthink it. Your comments helped.


I’m so glad. I actually wore it this morning, with a turtleneck, and really loved it. I left the top button open, and it’s actually very pretty to see the button there. (I found some beautiful mother of pearl like buttons that are in a harmonious green.)

I still haven’t blocked it, but my dining room table is covered with Thanksgiving. It will have to wait another week. And I’m wearing it anyway!


It’s not you 2littletime! I actually had to take my Grace pullover to my LYS because I wasn’t understanding the body instructions either. The bit where you join in the round and M1L for the center stitch. Say what? The ladies at the shop were mystified as well, and said as written you wouldn’t be able to MIL. So they did an “ear loop” cast on for the M1L. The first two lines of instruction for joining in the round (Rnd 1 and Rnd 2) made no sense to them either. But they got me on my way. I guess this is what “intermediate” pattern means, they expect you to know things!


This is the last one, I promise! Wearing my Gossamer to my SIL’s for the festivities. The daylight shows the color much better. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate in the US.


Looks great! Happy thanksgiving :turkey::maple_leaf::plate_with_cutlery: