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Giftalong 2019: TEAM SOCKS

Welcome, people who can’t seem to stop knitting socks, and also people who are brave enough to make their first socks in the pressure-charged atmosphere of holiday gift knitting. We’ve got you covered! This is the place to let it all hang out. You can talk about anything here, even the fish lips kiss heel. We’re strong for it.

To be eligible for prizes, your socks must be a pattern from MDK Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust.

But you can make modifications at will—that’s what sock knitters do. Knock yourselves out! Cuff-down or toe-up, it’s up to you, and the Field Guide includes 13 interchangeable stitch patterns to pop into your socks.

Posting photos here puts you in the running for our weekly giftalong prizes, and there may also be special sock-related prizes popping up now and then.

Your Team Leader is none other than our own Ann Shayne. Ann currently is knitting on her 16th pair of socks in 2019, and she has OPINIONS.

Need sock supplies? We’ve got 'em! Start here.


I’m in!!! My beautiful sock yarn arrives soon!


I’m in for socks !! I just posted in the wrong thread over in the Merry Makers.
I have enjoyed knitting socks so much this summer.
I’ll try and catch up with Ann.


Woo hoo - count me in for socks! I made my first pair in August and have been ready to start another. (And by ready, I mean I also have to bind off a scarf, finish a hat for my husband in this beautiful Icelandic yarn he brought home for me from Iceland, and also make a quick pair of mittens).


The Merry Makers don’t mind you posting over there. They’re always trying to poach from the other teams.


I might be mostly Team Big but I’m totally joining Team Socks too. (Shhh.)


I’m in for the challenge. This is just the motivation I need to work on my socks from Wanderlust. I haven’t made a pair of socks for a while, so I will likely stick with the basics for pair one, but I love the Lichen and Lace yarn.


Four secretaries, four skeins of yarn, four pairs of socks by gift giving time - pray for me! I’m in for Team Socks!


You can do it!!!


I’m in!! I have some beautiful Backyard Fiberworks in Blue Jean Baby knitting up in the basketweave pattern from MDK Wanderlust field guide



That’s a tall order but you can do it! Here’s hoping they have small feet!

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That’s my go-to pattern, so stretchy and also so easy to count repeats!

It ain’t a knitalong without ktj1211! High five and let’s GO!

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So glad you’re here–this is going to be fun. You’ll be on sock no. 26 before you know it!

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Iceland! Sigh! We should all be in Iceland. Your second pair of socks is going to be so much better than the first–it’s amazing what you learn on that first pair.

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Hooray and welcome! The vast majority of my socks are the basic pattern–I love to watch the yarn change color, what can I say, I’m a simple person . . . ; )


Pro tip: get a nice, long TV binge going. Any Ken Burns documentary will do!


Looking beautiful!

What do we have to do to get a photo of our team mascot in here?

I want you to know that I typed that in all caps but the Lounge wouldn’t let me post it on the grounds: “seems unclear. Is that a sentence?”


Thanks! I am ready to turn the heel on sock one, and I am not confident I am doing the w & t correctly from the Wanderlust Field Guide. Can you recommend a video I could check out?