Gnome for the Holidays Virtual Class

If you were one of the folks who took our Gnome for the Holidays workshop with Sarah Schira, this topic is for you. Share your gnomes, your discoveries, variations, tips, and tricks!

Please note: we’ll be emailing the link to the class video on Monday afternoon, and participants will have three weeks to spend time with it.


That was SO MUCH FUN!! Sarah is a wonderful teacher and I really learned a lot. I usually celebrate “Christmas in July” with my extended family. I knit 13 stockings the first year and 13 ornaments this year…looks like next July is gnomes!


I figured this class would be fun, but wow it was SO fun. I fear for my planned holiday knitting - it may all turn to gnomes.


My Gnome is Siggy (named after my Swedish grandfather). He’s recently retired and is planning to become a Pilates trainer.


I was late and had to leave early. Both my job and my family are lucky I love them because they would be eating my dust for interfering with my class.

What fun!! I have a beard and most of a hat but by tomorrow I’ll have a gnome.


New to the lounge and new to gnomes. Great fun. Curious what people are using for weights.


So glad you had fun–it was so amazing to see everybody this afternoon, gnoming away. Wishing you a baker’s dozen before Thanksgiving . . . : ) :slightly_smiling_face:


COUSIN! HUGS! So glad you’re here!

SUCH a topic, the weights. I dug out a bag of old black-eyed peas, figuring maybe they’d add some good luck to the whole thing. Fun fact: we did order forty pounds of dried split peas to include in the kit but then the talk headed into possibility of vermin, mold, decay, dampness, mildew, and we just grossed ourselves out. We shelved the whole idea and let everybody figure out their own weights. Bottom line: we have forty pounds of dried split peas at MDK now so stay tuned on that.


My Michignome! GnOme Blue!


Ah I see more gnomers are being created. I’ve been knitting Sarah’s gnomes for years and have a clan by the name of Gnomish living in my house now. Two even followed me up north here to my cabin. Sneaky little ones.

Since I make so many of them and already signed up for the December MKAL I just bought a bag of stuffing and a jug of poly pellets. Using the beans seemed ok but, yes, bugs since I live in a rural area and my cabin is also, well, you know, a cabin.

So, a warning - once you invite one into your home they seem to keep showing up. I think I’ve knitted around 24 and some have moved to Montreal to live with a young girl named Emilie.

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Great fun! Three hours of Gnomeness. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Sarah is such a great teacher on more than gnomes; this old dog learned a few new tricks!

I had started Botanica Babe Gnome (inspired by Dee’s color combinations) earlier in the week; finished her last night at midnight. She’s getting to know OF Christmas Gnome today. (They plan to share a few Old Fashions with their maker)

Thank you for this great kit and class.


Hi. I the Zoom recording link available yet? I want to make sure to capture how to do the i-cord nose.


Hi, I loved this class so much. And I love my little gnomies so very much. I made two yesterday. As I look at the variations of yarn color, really the sky is the limit. How fun would it be to make a “family” of Gnomes for each of my kids and their families? I think this will be my goal for next year. In the meantime, I’m gonna go crazy with them.

Also, Is this a good idea? Can we make the smallest one and not stuff it - and use it as a wine bottle topper? Just a thought.


What a hoot. Maybe a recipe using split peas is in order for MDK.

I got a bit behind, then confused, finally stopped and just watched the rest of the Zoom. I discovered Sarah’s YouTube channel this morning and it’s a gold mine - everything I had a question about was answered. I may be able to get my gnome completed using those and not have to wait for the link to the Zoom class which MDK thought they’d have out on Monday.

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Fun! I loved starting class with a big basket of supplies and ending with a finished gnome and the possibility of SO many more to come! Excellent instruction from Sarah Schira and all around fun with fellow MDKers.


I used some great northern beans stolen from my pie weight stash! Will get some split peas per Sarah’s recommendation as the great northerns are pretty light and tiny bit chunky :slight_smile:


Hi Penelope! We’ll be emailing the video to participants on Monday afternoon–we have to process the video, so it takes a minute, plus the weekend . . . you’ll have three weeks to spend time with it.

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One done and who knows how many more! Does anyone have a recommendation for whets to buy the wool stuffing?


This is Marvin. I made him today. He likes Cheez-It crackers and feeding pigeons. I still need to work on arms and stuffing. I had dried lentils all over the living room!