Help with missing stitches please

Hello all you lovely knitters! I am making a temperature throw and thought I’d get fancy and make an eyelet row to signify a birthday…mind you I am a new knitter. Though I practiced the stitch on a swatch, my success with it didn’t transfer over to my actual project. I am now 4 stitches short somehow.

Is there anything I can do aside from tinking back 300 stitches?

Thank you!

P.S. If it matters, I am using the Rowan felted tweed…thanks!

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Just one opinion, if you like the way the eyelet row looks I would just increase the 4 stitches on the next row. I don’t think 4 stitches over 300 will be problematic.


Are you doing YO, k2tog across?
If you miss a YO (or 4) you can pick them up on the following row.
Otherwise, @sabograd offers the same advice that I would.


Thank you…yes, but I suspect I missed a few as I was easily distractable while I was knitting that row. Lesson learned!


Thank you so much…I appreciate it!


Also, a suggestion - look carefully at your work to make sure you didn’t accidentally drop stitches in the previous row - if not, I agree with increasing in your next row for the “missing 4” :heart: happy knitting!