Knit Sighting on TV

Did anyone else notice tonight’s Jeopardy winner was wearing a Hitchhiker Shawl (shawlette?)? I know it’s silly, but I get such a charge when I recognize a hand knit :smile:. (You can see her photo on the site.)


I did!!! I love identifying patterns in the wild. Once online at the movies I told my friend - see that hat, I know the pattern and exact yarn she used. My muggle friend wryly told me never to say that on a date!


One of my favorite hand knit sightings - the new Gilmore Girls! MDK friend, Nell Z, was able to sleuth out the patterns and we eventually got to talk to the designers!

Thus started my game of trying to find hand knits or extra-special knitwear in TV / movies.

Gilmore Girls, Carrie Bradshaw in a chunky Missoni hat, etc… :slight_smile:

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Hawkeye knits a lot in MASH. I always am tickled when I notice it.