Knit to Shetland

The BBC mystery series Shetland is now streaming on Netflix! It’s filmed in the Shetland Isles, and is an affordable trip to those sweeping green vistas, challenging seas, and lovely Scottish accents (if you don’t mind a little bit of murder along the way). Knitwatchers will notice a shift from lots of handknits in Series 1 to nearly none in Series 3. A change in costume designer? Nonetheless, it will warm the cockles of your wooly heart to see Kate Davies’ Peerie Floors hat on a student in Series 1. One of the stories takes place and is actually filmed on Fair Isle Itself. Series 4 is being filmed this summer–hope it won’t take long to reach the USA!


Thanks for the recommendation. I just reactivated Netflix as I’m retiring at the end of the month and anticipate more days of knitting in front of the TV instead of the desk.

There is another series call “Vera” which is based on the books by the same author. It is filmed in the UK Borderlands and is also interesting. I view it on Acorn TV.

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I binged on Shetland. There are not enough knits to be fair to Shetland. Missed opportunity on their part. But I did like watching the series and hope they will do another season – with a lot more sweaters.

Retirement is AMAZING. You will love it.