Kos Neckwarmer Knitalong

I had this stash yarn which my dad got me from an auction. I love the colors and wanted just the right project. Only one of the yarns has a label but they all seem to be wool and probably from the same company since the colors match well. I think they are just right for this project. The variegated blue hearts have a sort of fade effect, but I rather like it. Almost done with the first round of hearts. I probably will have to use more than 2 colors for the hearts, depending on actual yardage.

The variegated colors are singles, solid colors are 2 ply, all are sport/worsted. I’m using size 7 needles, including the ribbing, and took out 2 repeats. It seems about right so far, I’ll check the fit once I finish the first round of hearts.


So despite all the warnings about those decreases, and marking them in my pattern, I still managed to miss a few. At least I found them before getting too far along. This is proving to be a nice, fast knit though.


The irony of making a snotty gif about stitch markers and then having to post it three times and it’s still not right is not lost on me.


Nell, When you cable cast on for this do you suggest twisting on the stitch or just “looping” on? I recently saw some video that said to twist on so I did for this knock warmer which makes a very visible angled effect to each cast on stitch.

I slip the new stitch on needle tip to needle tip,
and then I insert the right needle behind the new loop before snugging it.

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Off the needles, needs to be washed and blocked. This auction yarn has a slightly musty smell so I’m definitely washing instead of steam blocking. It came out a bit small but still useable. Since it already sits higher on my neck, I did a pretty short ribbing.

Next I am going to make one with the lightest color as the main color, and the full number of repeats.

Edit: So I realized I actually cut 6 repeats, not 2. No wonder it was small. :rofl: My unblocked gauge is 4 stitches per inch on the completed dickie. The cast on circumference with gauge is just under 50 inches. So my cast on will be 204 stitches, which is 12 repeats. Pretty close match considering the difference in yarns. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for accurate fit this time.


Thanks. That’s how I always USED to do it! Live and learn. Cowl coming along nicely. I’ll post photo when done or at least further along.


Progress report. I like my colors after an initial love/hate session. Stay tuned.


Very happy with my progress although I’m cutting my finger tip with my needles. I’m trying not to knit too tightly. And, I just realized I’m making green hearts instead of grey. Oh well. I’m liking how it’s turning out. Yarn is a mix from my stash. #arnecarlos #moderndailyknitting


I used to do it a different way, who knows why I changed.
This is just how my current technique is.

Love your colors! :heart_eyes:

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Ooh, these colors remind me of ice cream! Mint chocolate chip especially, yum. But it’s too cold out. :cold_face:


Yes, the green does look like mint. Spring has sprung here and sadly it’s warming up way too quickly. I won’t be able to wear this until the fall.

Most days it’s been pretty warm here too, but the wind has been cold the past couple days. I may still get a couple uses from mine before I put it away till fall. I hope…

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Progress report:


:heart_eyes: I love it! It’s so different. It’s fascinating to see how different the various colors look with the same pattern, just like the hat.

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Progress report …… done! Assessing leftover quantities for other color combs.

Almost makes me wish winter wouldn’t end. Or has it? Fun knit, lovely yarn and practical garment.


Hello all! Here’s my post today about my second and may I say very BLUE Kos Neckwarmer . . . Hope you’re having fun with this quickie!

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Your snow game is very strong! Perfect weather for a dickie!