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Lene Alve: Beautiful Art and Words

If you have not seen Lene Alve’s post of Friday, October 27, at Dances with Wool, I highly recommend you go there now (! Her work is art, and her words are beautiful too.


Thank you, Annie. I did not know Lene Alve’s work and really enjoyed her post.

Glad you liked “meeting” her. She delves into many fields of art including drawing and painting, but her knitting and other needlework take my breath away. Her twined and embroidered knitting are amazing.

When you have time, check out her projects on Ravelry (Rav ID: lenealve) to see what she did with Mary Neal Meador’s Margaret…an already beautiful jacket. The photos there aren’t great, but go to the “Blog Posts” tab and follow the links for her praise of MDK Outside the Lines and details of her Margaret, especially the last blog post.

Lene has been one of my favorite bloggers for years…even when she steps away from the blog for very long periods of time, I never take her off my reading list. That particular post was very unusual for Lene, and I think must have been quite a challenge to write.