Picking up Stitches

Hi All - I am new to the Lounge and new to picking up for set in sleeves. Everything I’ve seen so far shows Picking up in the round and then doing short rows for the sleeve cap.

My self designed sweater has stripes and a different colored yoke that extends down about 6”. I want to match the stripes. I’m thinking of picking up in the yoke color for just that portion and whe I yet to the stripes pick up as I go.

And advice? Warnings? Etc?

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I’m not an expert on this, but if you google it there are some articles on matching stripes on sleeves. That said, what you are proposing sounds reasonable to me. Good luck. If you post a photo people may have other advice.

Hi (finally) I am getting used to navigating the lounge and just realized you responded - thx! I’ve decided to go a different design route.

No worries. Good luck.