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Podcasts and Audiobooks Anyone?

I am a devotee of good audiobooks. I have been listeining to Val MeDermid lately. My DH and I listen together. We love Jo Nesbo audio books.
Also just downloaded the new one from This American Life called S town. Friday Night Comedy is fun when you are in the mood for comedic relief.
Is it weird that I look forward to being alone so I can listen and knit?


I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but I love audio books. Right now I am listening to Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. I’m about half way through it and I am really enjoying it.

not weird at all. i too look forward to the early mornings when Beloved is still dozing, and i can have my coffee, my audiobooks, and my knitting all to myself. a longtime fan of Jo Nesbo, myself. currently (well, for a while now) making my way through the Jack Reacher series. it’s not as good as Nesbo, but Reacher is an american-style harry hole. and he always gets his bad guy.


I’m also an audiobooks fan. And podcast serials too. I just listened to Missing Richard Simmons, it was excellent. It’s more than just a celebrity mystery (because it’s not really a mystery), its all about US pop culture and human nature.
One of my favorite listens was The Goldfinch. The narrator nailed the characters.


I’m enamored of the Longmire series by Craig Johnson. Excellent writing and beautiful scenery. IMHO, the books are far better than the Netflix series.


Thanks Martha. I will check out Val MeDermid. I have read all of Jo Nesbo and I hope they make a series with Harry Hole…maybe staring Idris Alba! I never thought of listening to them, but I will now.

It is not weird at all.


He would make a great Harry Hole. Awesome idea! you should contact Jo Nesbo!

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I tend toward podcasts.
Books - CraftLit with Heather O - actual books, just 2-3 chapters a week. And knitting. And Book Talk - info about politics or word/phrase meanings, especially when they’ve changed. I’ve listened to Jane Eyre, Age of Innocents, Gulliver’s Travels, Herland, Pride and Prejudice, and there are many more!
About Books - What Should I read Next with Anne Bogel. (Website: Modern Mrs. Darcy) My TBR list is so, so long now!!!
History - Stuff You Missed in History Class
History about women - History Chicks
History and English - The History of the English Language
The West Wing Weekly - Where they watch 1 episode each week and discuss it. And it’s amazing how many topics are STILL relevant! (I’m playing catch up so I’m watching then listening to as many as I can. And I may watch again as I listen - listen - stop - watch - stop - listen to some more - etc.)

Audiobooks - I’ve been getting these over Overdrive from my library. I got the first one by accident. I thought I had the ebook. It was Hillbilly Elegy. Very good. I’m on my 4th one now: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper.


Val McDermid fans - there is a three-part Val McDermid story on BBC radio starring Gina McKee. I couldn’t download it, but could stream it. Really good. Especially good if you want to practice a Geordie accent.


Just wrapped up Persuasian as read by Olivia Williams (Silksound audiobooks).

She is stunning!

What’s more, there is KNITTING in Persuasion! Mrs. Smith, a poor, sick lady, pads her income by selling knitted things to rich acquaintances! Regency-era Etsy, y’all!!!

“…and she had been particularly fortunate in her nurse, as a sister of her landlady, a nurse by profession, and who had always a home in that house when unemployed, chanced to be at liberty just in time to attend her. “And she,” said Mrs Smith, “besides nursing me most admirably, has really proved an invaluable acquaintance. As soon as I could use my hands she taught me to knit, which has been a great amusement; and she put me in the way of making these little thread-cases, pin-cushions and card-racks, which you always find me so busy about, and which supply me with the means of doing a little good to one or two very poor families in this neighbourhood. She had a large acquaintance, of course professionally, among those who can afford to buy, and she disposes of my merchandise. She always takes the right time for applying. Everybody’s heart is open, you know, when they have recently escaped from severe pain, or are recovering the blessing of health, and Nurse Rooke thoroughly understands when to speak.”


I am addicted to audiobooks. I listen while I’m getting dressed in the morning, while I’m making dinner, while I’m knitting . . . .

I love Jo Nesbo. I’ve also listened to several Tana French Dublin Murder Squad books; they’re great. One thing I love about Audible is looking at their suggestions for me. Some are hilariously off the mark, but many have proved spot-on. They led me to Jane Gardam’s books, which are quirky, funny, and poignant. Right now I’m loving Music and Silence, by Rise Tremain. If you’re intrigued by the doings and misdeeds of the 17th-century Danish court and its friends and foes, this is the book for you.


I also like Jo Nesbo. I thought The Son was terrific as a stand-alone novel. I listened to seven or eight of the Jack Reacher series until I got tired of them. I think his early ones are the best. I’m currently listening to Sara Paretsky’s Critical Mass, which is holding my interest.__

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The Goldfinch was such a great audiobook! I was glad I listened instead of reading it, the narrator was so good. Mesmerizing.

I am loving S town. The story kept me working happily on a tedious project…Making flowers for my daughter’s wedding shower.


I like podcasts, and I’m loving Hidden Brain. It’s an NPR science/sociology podcast, weekly. I listen on my walk to work, (they average 25 minutes or so). Nature/nurture sort of stuff, lying, positive things about messiness.

Thank you for the tip! I need a new listen and Music and Silence is exactly my cuppa tea.

Thanks I will look up Tana French- found a couple of her books in the audio section of my library.

Nightingale and Winter Garden, both by Kristin Hannah.

I loved listening to the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series. The first few are cozy mysteries but each gets better and better, and the narrator is perfect! Right now I’m listening to a series by David Rosenfelt and enjoying it a lot.
I also listen to podcasts: This American Life, Only Human, among others and highly recommend Revisionist History. There are a few interesting knitting ones too, 2 Knit Lit Chicks, Stash and Burn, The Yarniacs and Double Knit to name a few.

And oh yes, Idris Elba as Harry Hole!!!


I’m now listening to another Rose Tremain, The Gustav Sonata. Two Swiss boys, post WWII. Their parents’ backgrounds are starting to unfold. I’m hooked!

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