The Yarn Woman Series by Brooks Mencher

This is an excellent, 3- book mystery series about Ruth, a brilliant eccentric, fiber artist and textile forensic investigator, who is contacted by various law enforcement agencies to help solve murders. Of course, her contributions solve each case. Mystery surrounds her own background, which slowly unfolds over the course of the series. Also there is a little romantic tension with Nat, a reporter assigned to her investigations. Good reads for those who love intelligently crafted mysteries, off beat characters, cultural myths and fairy tales, fiber forensics and of course, a good yarn!


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m always looking for a great read and in a series. super

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Hope you enjoy this series as much as I do. I can hardly wait for his next book, “The Sea Silk Shawl”. Word is that it will be released soon.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I ordered a used copy from Thrift Books ($4.50).

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Thanks so much for the suggestion. Sounds like a great read to free me for some time from mask making!