Sewing My Swatches Together

Hi Everyone.
In order to decrease my stash a bit I have decided to sew up my swatches. I would love to know tips, tricks, etc for sewing up various weights of yarn, different patterns, needle sizes.

Initially I started mattress stitching them together and there is a certain mediative state that I get in doing this, but it is slow. The second way I started to knit up the swatches was to pickup stitches knit four rows but I want to add another swatch to it so that it is swatch, garter stitch, swatch garter stitch and then join the columns together. I am just not sure how to do this part. how do I garter stitch and pickup stitches from the next swatch?

Any words of warning. I did try to unravel a bunch of swatches but that ended up getting tossed because it would not rip out easily. One of the ends was always screwed up.

Any help gratefully received.


Hi Patty!

For the swatch/garter stitch/swatch/garter stitch idea, you could do a three-needle bind off to join the next swatch. If you’re needing to join swatches of different sizes, you could do a couple of different things. You could work short row wedges of garter stitch to fill in the gaps or you could just add a few rows of garter stitch, log-cabin style. I’ve seen some gorgeous blankets that use the short row method to great effect. Good luck!



thanks, I am hitting the lys on Thursday. I want to know all my options!


This was my first thought. Also, you could crochet them together, which is easy to rip out if you want to move them. I have a bag of swatches and have toyed with this idea for years. I can’t wait to see how yours comes out.

Also, if my memory serves, a darker yarn in a lighter weight is probably safest.