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Shakerag top messy BOR

I am using Rowan Summerlite 4-ply cotton. The BOG is quite messy despite being careful when switching from the single strand to the double strand and back again. At that spot, the last stitches of the round are long in the single sections and nothing I do tightens them up. I am alternating the strands, twisting them, as for intarsia, so as to make sure there are no holes, so now, instead, the stitches are too large. Where I am using the double strands, there is no problem. Any thoughts?

Hmm. This is an odd one. Can you send a picture?

Could this be due to alternating the single strand in this section, which causes a break in continuity of the yarn in the knitting? This might be making a larger last stitch in the round in the same way that flat knitting gives a looser stitch on the end of the row.
You could try two things. Firstly, helical knitting allows you to alternate skeins without breaking continuity of the yarn. The only issue is not ending up with both strands at the right point for the double section. But it may not be too noticeable to start the double row earlier in the round or if you can plan it to start under the arm.
The second way would be to take the extra slack out of the last stitch by lifting the strand between stitches and twisting it before knitting together with an adjacent stitch.
I’m about to start this pattern so you’ve given me food for thought!!


You’ve nailed the problem! I will try your solution re: lifting the strand and knitting it together with the stitch. THANKS!



You’re very welcome!