Share Your Wool Blanket Labels!

Will your friend adopt me!?


Sorry, it was the last of her wool :smile:


When I read these posts I was reminded of an article from the book Knitting Ephemera By Carol J. Sulcoski on p.31 about the Woolmark logo. The logo is about 56 years old, was adopted by “Australian wool growers to designate quality products made from wool. What I thought was cool is that “in 2011, a UK magazine in the field of visual communication voted the wool logo the best logo of all time.“

So many of the labels submitted on this post bear that logo. Since it was designed in 1964, quality woolens from earlier times won’t bear that logo. It is quick way to estimate the relative vintage along with the remembered details owners have been sharing about their blankets.


Thanks for that referral to Knitting Ephemera! I just put a new hold on my library list–looking forward to some interesting browsing.

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