Sophie Project scarf

I have the Atlas yarn, needles ready to start. Yikes. I need help o how to keep count. Stated three times and became frustrated and “frogged”. No need for sympathy (lol) as I had not knit much to realize I needed help.

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I used a piece of scrap yarn — a different color—- and after you get done with first repeat ( which is 8 rows —- 4 ridges —- on new repeat — I knit 3 and the draped the scrap yarn before the next stitch and then just continued with 8 row repeat until you see 4 ridges. Then you know it is time to drape yarn again and begin new repeat. You are bringing the scrap yarn over/under up your work to tell you when you are beginning new repeat. I hope this helps.


So smart - thank you for this tip! Will use it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I will try this.

I had the same problem—-kept losing track of where I was in the 8-row repeat. I put a marker on the right side of the scarf since inc/dec are made on that side & placed a marker on the last row of each repeat so I would know that I’d completed a pattern repeat. That way I knew that I needed to start another 4 ridges for the next repeat. If I got interrupted & had to put the knitting down, I would easily be able to see where I was in the 8-row repeat. Used the same marker just moved it after each repeat. Used different colors for it & the right side marker.


Hi! I’m wondering what size needles you all are using for this pattern with Atlas yarn.

I am using size 8 needle and MDK Atlas :yarn:

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Hi! I’m wondering what size needles you all are using for this pattern with Atlas yarn.

I am using size 8. Yarn is MDK Atlas yarn. Midway as Christmas as filled my time. For me I made a chart to follow to keep track. Just couldn’t figure out previous answers. I have seen that way before but my brain didn’t get it.


Thank you! You’re ahead of me because I haven’t even started yet!

Great tip, thank you!

Regarding keeping count in Sophie scarf. I use a clicker. Every increase usually 8 clicks I start over. Once I’ve finished increases but want to continue I just keep clicking for as many rows as I want before I start decreases.

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