Spectra Pullover seaming.

I know there is a whole Marlalong thread, but not many people are participating in it right now.
I’m to the seaming part of my Spectra sweater. I’ll use the recommended 3 needle bind off for the shoulder/neck seams, but I’m wondering what method people used for seaming the sides/under arms.

This has been so much fun to knit!


I used a mattress stitch, worked from the RS. And wonderclips, too.
Your sweater is beautiful.

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Looks gorgeous and love your colors. I totally forgot I bought yarn for this last spring from MDK and an extra color in Copenhagen in July! You have inspired me to look in my ridiculously large and disorganized stash and get going on this as soon as I finish my 3rd marlogram scarf, having become addicted to Freia yarn balls.

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