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Spinners...making yarn out of fluff

Hi! I detect the presence of other spinners…are you a spinner? Wheel? Spindle?

My main wheel is a Hansen and i also have a Rose. Many spindles, support spindles, many pounds of fluff. I’m working on a SQ of Jacob at the moment, three plied with some dyed BFL as the third ply.


I would like to call myself a spinner, but have so many knitting wips, I can’t seem to find time. Perhaps this thread will help motivate me. I have angora bunnies and a mesh laundry bag full of zip lock baggies of fluff, oh my. I have a Kromski that sits in the travel bag. Retirement was supposed to give me time to do my hobbies, but am busier than ever.

Me! Mee!

I have a spindle (or like, four) right now. I’m a poor starving college student, so I don;t have the money for a lot of fine tools, but I do enjoy the ones I have. I am crossing my fingers so hard that my dearest will make me a wheel for christmas, but my hopes aren’t extraordinarily high. If he doesn’t, I may just go ahead and do it myself… :wink:

So nice to meet you, rawedges. I’m Katie ^^

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I hope you get your wish :blush:

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I have four or five spindles, but mostly I like to spin yarn on my Ashford Traveller. I’m so intrigued by the Rose, though!

I just finished knitting a sweater with corriedale I spun last year.

Now I’m spinning and knitting at the same time another sweater with an alpaca/shetland blend.


Did you see they already created a thread for spinners??? (“The handspinning corner” or whatever it is)

Just thought I would mention it so we don’t have two similar threads going at the same time. :slight_smile:

I hope you get your Christmas wish! I got my wheel used at a fiber festival. And depending on how active the fiber artists in your area are, the classifieds could also be a fantastic resource. Bonus: buying a wheel from a spinner means you can beg for an in-person lesson on how the wheel is different from a spindle. :wink:

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Hi, I am looking for a spinner who can spin my dogs hair into yarn. I’m looking for someone familiar with spinning dog hair. Thanks!


You are a genius and I’m going to do that today! (Maybe I should wait until after christmas, but there’s no harm in trolling through ksl and looking for something I love right NOW)

Thank you for sharing that!!! :heart_exclamation:

Sample skeins from experiments conducted last week


Those colors are beautiful and the yarn is simply amazing!

Thank you. :blush: Blending colors is a lot of fun.

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I agree with this advice. I also think anyone looking to invest in a wheel should try several different brands and models before making a purchase. Some larger wool shops have floor models for this purpose, or take a class where wheels are loaned as part of the class. It can be quite a pricy investment and I liken the process to buying a car: you don’t need to get the most expensive model, but you do need one that is comfortable and feels naturally effortless to drive.

Hi spinners! Looks like there’s not much activity here yet, but I bet there are more of us than we realize.

I started spinning about 2 years ago and have a couple of spindles and a Schacht wheel. I enjoy spinning but I’ve always been a “product” crafter, so for me it’s about understanding yarn structure and developing my skills to the point where I can say “I want this kind of yarn with these properties” and choose the fibers and techniques that will get me there. But I’m a long way from this goal right now.

My spinning goal for this year is to spin a sport or DK weight yarn from my sheep Phoebe’s fleece. She’s a Finn and she has lovely bouncy wool in a beautiful heathery grey-brown. I want to use the yarn to knit a skirt for myself. Next time I’m in the barn I’ll try to remember to take a photo of her.

For holidaytime I got a book, Yarnitecture, that I have been reading. It’s geared towards people who want to knit things out of their handspun, so it might be something others in this group are interested in.

So, what are your spinning goals for this year? To get started? To master your spindle? To choose a wheel? To be able to spin a certain style of yarn or type of fiber?

Nice to meet you all and I look forward to discussing our spinning progress together.

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And here’s Phoebe. What a goof.


I loved reading Yarnitecture! I’m waiting on some hand combs and am excited to play with processing fiber this year…as well as knitting with some of my handspun from last year!


Hi all,

I am a novice spinner who got sucked into a whole beautiful bag of raw alpaca fiber last week. I’m looking for a book that will walk me step by step from washing it to getting it on the wheel. Any ideas?


P.S. It’s beautiful I’ve been carrying it around with me.

I’m thinking about taking the plunge or “drop” into the spindle world. Any recommendations, I have read about top whorl and bottomwhorl - most are relatively inexpensive so should I get both and try, then make a decision? Everyone talks about how meditative and calming it is and that is something I think I need in my life right now.

if you decide you like using a spindle, you will eventually have a collection of many kinds. Go ahead and get one of each and expriement. I only have maybe six? Eight? I’ve got a couple of supported spindles, a wee Turkish, which are all bottom weighted, and some lovely top whorls also. As soon as you get the hang of it, yes, it is a very soothing activity.

Thank you for replying, now for the fun part - shopping for a couple of pretty spindles!

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