Still in Search of the Perfect Bag/Tote

I like to carry my project with me everyday so I’m looking for a good sized bad that I can also use as a purse. But I don’t want to look like a purse! I just purchased this bag yesterday (medium) love to know what everyone here uses to get some better ideas.


Aw, phooey, the link doesn’t show your bag!

I made the Maker’s Tote, which is a Noodlehead pattern. It’s inspired by old-fashioned doctor’s bag, looks like a handbag, and is large enough to hold a couple of skeins of yarn, the needles, chart, etc.

My daughter bought an open-top tote and added grommets along one edge for pulling yarn through. It works really well for her, and since it has an interior divider, she can also carry her wallet, makeup bag, etc. in one compartment.


I fixed the link! :blush: And thank you for the suggestion, I’ll take a look at your bag!

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I have more bags than I can count. I prefer those with pockets and snapping tops.


I have approximately one million bags. I really prefer bags with zippered tops so I don’t spill things. I have never bought a bag specifically marketed as a project bag or knitting bag though. Mostly I just find a bag I like and say to myself “I can always use it for knitting”. :slight_smile:


I am a big fan of Tom Bihn bags. they are just about perfect. I used mine to commute to the city with lunch and knitting and all manner of assortments and it is still as great today as it was five years ago. I have even tossed it into the washing machine and it came out sparkly and bright.( mine is fuchsia, of course) They have one specifically designed for knitting - which I have and use- but the cafe bag or the maker bags are perfect for all around use. And then there are the bags I make… but that is a different day.


Those bags look great. Do they ever go on sale?

I have never seen them on sale but I’ll bet they would answer if you asked them on their web site.

Thank you. I’ll take a look at both bags. I usually find the Tom Bihn bags too casual because of the fabric, but I’ll look again. Again. Thank you!

Thank you. I’ll check. A bit pricey as I really don’t need new bags, but I like them.

Gee whiz, thanks for the link…I see I’ll be ordering another Bihn bag soon.

I know many folks here are great at sewing, too, but if you aren’t (like me!), ask around and see if you have a talented sewer in your circle of friends. I have bartered custom project bags with friends in exchange for knitted items. It’s a great trade!


You can also try etsy - lots of great bags.


Hi Martha. The Tom Bihn bags are new to me so I checked out their website and all I can say is Wow! So many cool bags. Love their philosophy.
I am swooning over the Swift bag. I generally knit on the couch so don’t need a Swift bag but now I want one. Just in case…


I have the large cafe bag and the swift ( I am sixty and have had many birthdays). But that does not make me not want the Maker Bag. it is swoon worthy if you are a unashamed knitting bag lover.


After years of searching, I found the Carryall Accessory Bag
Item #: TM300053 at There are many pockets around the bag for items like cell phones, glasses, a moleskins, etc. I put my wallet in the main compartment, which is a marvelous yarn/project stash area. I finally have a purse and yarn bag!

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I love the Fringe Supply field bag - very expensive, but I’ve made knock offs - alot of work so I know why they are so expensive!


I’ve recently fallen for their other variation on the project bag which they call Bento (??):

They look like nothing but the one I got has been perfect. I am constantly jamming knitting into a zip lock bag and then into a backpack along with everything else. The result has always meant 15 minutes detangling everything before I can start to work. But with these bags somehow everything stays nicely in place, including the yarn when you are working so it doesn’t pull out and unroll on the filthy floor of your meeting or the train. And it doesn’t make noise in the theater, unlike plastic bags.

I haven’t gotten around to ordering more due to a ridiculous shipping fee, so instead I’ve taken to wrapping my other projects in bandanas and some huge dishclothes bought @ Target.

I have not tried to knock of the Bento Bag - but I made for holiday gifts and they were well received


I love this bag!! I’m hoping they come out with a version with shoulder straps. I don’t want to carry a separate bag again.