Stranded Colorwork

I’ve done lots of stranded colorwork, but somehow I’ve never knit a project where both colors change at the beginning of the round every second row. I’m creating a wide ladder/gap between the first and last stitch–how can I avoid this when I’m dropping two colors and starting two new colors?

I’m working on MaryJane Mucklestone’s Buness hat.
Many thanks for your help!


Hi Jessica! Here’s Patty on ladders (on the subject of ladders, not actually doing a balancing act on ladders, but her skills continue to amaze, so…) Ask Patty: Magic Loop Solutions – Modern Daily Knitting And here’s Kate on the topic too: Techniques in Depth: Ladders, Begone! – Modern Daily Knitting Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much–but this isn’t about ladders so much as it is about a Fair Isle pattern that has two new colors in every other row–and the end and the beginning of the rows are constant. I figured it out, or at least I figured it out for me & this pattern–I am just floating the “old colors” as I work in the new colors and that seems to take care of the issue.
Many thanks though for the links to the ladders–good information to keep in mind!

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