Team Blankets: Sewing Up Parties

So Team 2 still has some blankets to sew up and I’m guessing that some of the other teams might have some work to do too so it seemed like a good idea to start a topic where we can share the bounty of those crazy knitters who actually like the finishing work. It occurs to me as I’m typing this that this could also be a good place to “share best practices” on sewing up pretty much anything. (Sorry for the corporate speak but I have that on my Meeting That Should Have Been an Email Bingo Card.)

Got squares? Need people? Post it here!

Some ideas on making this topic easy to use:

  • Name your post in caps. For example, if it’s a save the date, start your post with SAVE THE DATE and then fill in your details. If you’ve got your details down pat, start your post with the where and when. For example, our first sew up (which was too much fun) would start with YONKERS, NY,SATURDAY, DEC 1. Then follow it up with the details.

  • Ask for help if you need it. I’ve found out that there are a lot of clean-up knitters out there who will follow instructions, get gauge and fill in those last squares you may need.

  • I think it’s more fun if you invite everyone–even if they didn’t knit a square.

Once this gets approved, I’ll post some more because Team 2 has a whole bunch of sewing up to do! And, yeah, all are welcome.

Happy 2019 everyone. May it be your best year yet!


SAVE THE DATE: YONKERS, NY MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2109 1 pm - 3 pm (to be confirmed–I’m flexible)

We’ve survived the holidays and Team 2 has more blankets to assemble! I know it’s a holiday weekend but I also know that for some folks, a weekday is easier than a weekend. This is the best of both worlds.

So email me at or leave a reply here to this message telling me if you can make it to Yonkers and if you will be travelling by car or train (that will help me decide on the place). We can always go back to Francy Brady’s (they loved having us) but I’ve got some other fun places in mind for anyone who is interested.

And if you’re in the tri-state area and Yonkers is a little too far for you to drive, just let me know. We always take the show on the road (within reason!)



P.S. Your non-MDK knitter friends are also welcome to come along. They actually add flavor!