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This is a place for the things that don’t really need a thread of their own. There’s a fabulous yarn estate sale to benefit ALS care coming up which I will post as soon as this is approved. I may even share my prom picture with Jeff Bridges!

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Prom with Jeff Bridges?? What!


Hi everyone,

Earlier this year my friend Benita died from ALS. Benita was, in many ways, a fierce, warrior princess. She was a doctor, a midwife, an advocate, and an activist. She was also a kind and gentle soul, a good friend to all, and a kick ass fiber artist. I often say that I have an epic stash. Benita’s stash went beyond epic. It wasn’t a Stash with a capital s, it was a STASH in all caps. It has been estimated at over 10,000 skeins and it is all on sale this Sunday with the proceeds going to fund the work of the very special people who provide support services for those with ALS and their families. If you’re anywhere within travelling distance of New Rochelle, NY, I hope you’ll come by, pick up some great yarn, and bring much needed funds to a very worth non-profit. Details are below. I’ll be there with until at least 2 pm helping out.

Yarn and Fiber Sale – one day only!

1 to 5 PM Sunday March 17, 2019

38 Poplar Place, New Rochelle 10805

Cash Preferred

Proceeds to benefit MAC Angels an A.L.S. family support group. Note that we will accept area checks made out to MAC Angels which is a 501c3 organization.

Benita Gross is well known in the Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Machine Knitting and Fiber community; locally, nationally and internationally too. She was the Goddess Queen of Stash. Her amazing, eclectic, insane, enormous, wonderful, covet worthy collection of yarn and fiber will be offered to the community. Benita died at the end of 2018 from A.L.S.

Benita asked her family and friends to sell her stash to support the organization that provided so much help to her and her family during the last year of her life.

Come early for the best selection.

  • There are easily 10,000+ skeins of yarn in this collection.
  • Major brands: Classic Elite, Noro, Webs, Knit Picks, Jamieson’s Scottish jumper yarn, Tree house….
  • Dozens of sweater size lots
  • Dozens of skeins of sock yarn
  • Every kind of knitting yarn from lace weight to worsted, and bulky too.
  • Coned yarn for weaving and machine knitting
  • Spinning fiber (wool, silk, cotton, exotics)

Yarn will be priced per pound

Prices for knitting yarn will start at:

  • $20/lb for wool and wool blends
  • $30/lb for silk, alpaca, cashmere other and exotics
  • $10/lb for cotton/rayon
  • $5/ lb for predominantly synthetics.

Coned yarn for Weaving or Machine Knitting:

  • $10/lb wool and silk
  • $3/ lb synthetic and cotton

Spinning fiber will be individually priced. There will be a list of available of Spinning, Weaving, Knitting equipment that will be sold at later date.

  • Note prices may drop of the course of the afternoon . Early Shoppers get first choice and best selection.

This is such a good thing. I hope it goes well :heart: