Trouble with Neck Edging on Cardigan

The pattern called for broken ribbed edging. I like the textured look but it wants to flare a little and roll a little which seems even more emphasized w the soft Plötulopi yarn. I did the edging going two needle sizes down, then used EZimmermann’s sewn cast off. Then followed up w one row of single crochet to try and give it more structure.

Is there a better cast off I should have used with this particular yarn?

How should I approach an after-the-fact facing. Should I pick up stitches at the cast off or at the beginning of the edging and stockinette in a fingering yarn or sew on a ribbon? Is there another fix for an edge that wants to curl out?

I am going to reknit the neck edging and incorporate some decreases in the purl stitches of the edge pattern to mask the decreases. The crocheted button band has already been finished and runs the full length from hem to top of neck so I’ll try to secure those stitches and weave edges together.

If someone can think of a better suggestion, I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m​ not planning to tackle this fix until this weekend.

I’m amazed that you were able to sew the bind off with Lopi! Post a picture, please. You might be able to undo the bind off and decrease there - go in 3 stitches, then out and off 2 a few times around.

I used the broken ribbed on the edging for cuffs and neck hem. You might notice the first cuff was knitted two sizes smaller than that used for the body as pattern directed. I then knitted the second sleeve going down an additional size and it appeared a little neater. But on both you can see that it appears to flair out and seem limp. The neck edging resulted in the same way. I like the look in the deeper rows of the broken rib for variation but it didn’t look good near the cast on or bin off. Is this normal for this edging or is it my inexperience? Then I followed the sewn bind off at the neck with a single crochet edging to try and give it more structure. (I’m heyKerrianne on Ravelry)

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If you end with a k1, p1 row - then do the bind off it would be firmer than if you end with a knit row before the bind off. I can’t zoom in to see what’s going on originally.
You look wonderful in it!

Thank you. I’ve already been wearing it and love the weight and warmth of the cardigan.
I was wondering if one row knit might roll the same as stockinette. I did an inch of edging at the neck and it stands up a little. Would decreases in the edging help it lay flat against your body? You’re right it’s a K1, P1 row alternating w row of knit. How should I decrease w that pattern?

I would mark the front and back at the shoulders and on the last knit row and before working over a purl stitch from the previous row, I’d do a centered double decrease (slip 2 as if to k2tog, knit 1, pass the 2 slipped stitches over) at each point. That reduces 8 stitches. If you feel more are needed, add another pair of decreases at the center of the sleeve, too. (12 stitches reduced)
Work the knit 1 purl 1 row and then do the sewn bind off - or bind off on the knit 1 purl 1 row.

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Nell, thank you so very much for your advice and clear instructions! That sounds like a beautiful way of handling an eight stitch decrease. I have been researching through all sorts of finishing books at different libraries. Thank you again!

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