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Destination Pullover Neck

Is anyone else bothered by how wide the neck shaping is? It’s sort of a deeper boatneck shape. My sweater is finished except for neck trim, so I can’t go back and reshape the neck on the body. I’m looking for a way to reduce the neck width in the neck trim such as perhaps using a much smaller needle. i have tried a roll neck done a bit chunky, but don’t like that either. Seems like I saw a picture of someone who knit triangular gussets for the neck sides and then picked up to knit the rib. Ideas?

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You could try picking up 3 stitches and skip one that would draw it in 25%. If you want to make it smaller. Or try some other ratio.

Good luck, I’m knitting the pullover as well.

What about short rows on the collar?

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I’m working on the destination pullover and need some help with interpreting instructions on shaping the neck edge on the front: * Working both sides at the same time, BO 2 sts at each neck edge 4 (4, 5, 5, 5) (4, 4, 4, 3) times.

I’m doing each side separately (using two skeins) but does the BO 2 Sts “at each neck edge” part has me confused. Does this mean that you BO off on the right side and wrong side? so BO turn and BO again for the right side? and also the left side?

Hope this makes some sense.

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You do bind off at the beginning of each the neck edges, so knitwise on the left front (with RS facing), then purlwise on the right front (with WS facing) as you knit both sides at the same time.

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Okay, thanks loads

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I’m still confused by this by trying again!

I had the same concern but when I added the neck ribbing it came out perfect and sits nicely. I hate boat neck and this is not boaty once the ribbing is on.I did go a couple rows over the 1” ribbing depth but not much. Picked up per pattern for my size.

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Bind off the front neck edges. Attach yarn to the right front and work the bindoffs for that side only, decreases along the neck edge only. Work up to the shoulder sloped bindoffs. Then attach yarn to left front and work the neck decreases for that side, the same way you did for the right side and do the shoulder bindoffs. I actually did this three times. Totally confused the first time, then tried to work both sides at the same time with two balls of yarn and that was worse, so I went back to doing each side separately which did ok. The sloped shoulder bindoffs were confusing at first, but using markers for each one helped. That said, I think the neck is too wide but I’m going to try to pull that in when I do the neck trim.

Simply drawing in the neckline by picking up less stitches with make it smaller, but with the cost of changing where the armhole and rest of the sweater fits. Picking up the amount of stitches the neckline needs to lie smoothly, then using short rows on wach side of the neck at what would be the shoulder seams, will recontour the neckline without disturbing the fit of the rest of the sweater.

A deliberate wedge shape works for the short rows if the neck edge is truly rectangular, or a crescent shape fits into one that starts out oval. Once some fill is created, decreasing pairs of stitches on each side of the should seam point will reduce the neck circle to any size or neckline effect you need,

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I was going to suggest this. Pick up neck stitches and fill in the shoulder area with short rows, creating a more rounded shaped opening.

Great instructions, didn’t see this until after I posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too bad I didn’t see all my finger typos until after I posted, heh, heh! :smile_cat: