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Finished Destination Pullover

I made this tunic length with a stand-up K5P2 rib collar and an applied i-cord hem. The collar was a solution to the pattern’s wide neck opening.


WOW this gorgeous! You look stunning in that color!

Thanks! This is the first comment i have had about it!

I love your colors, they are great! The neckline and length were also great choices.

Your sweater is absolutely beautiful. Color choices perfect and the solution for the neck also perfect.

Wow wow wow! You look beautiful in your amazing destination pullover! Your colors reflect your artistic eyes!


Love the collar. Might need to try that on mine!

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Destination pullover with yarn I inherited 20 years ago, dyed with turmeric and achiote.

Cotton and linen. I like the fit of this sweater. It inspired me to start the similar but different Granito from an MDK article. I love the color but will need to dye again if I want it bright. My only yarn dyeing experiment.


Those little fluffy pockets are terrific too. :kissing_heart:

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Beautiful! Love the colors and how they get darker on the way down…very slimming! May even make this myself.

You and that sweater look fantastic! I have one sleeve and the neckband to finish on my Destination Pullover, my first sweater :slight_smile: I LOVE your collar and my follow your lead, if you don’t mind.


For the collar, I went down three needle sizes but picked up the number the pattern directed. Its K5, P2 and there is a bunch of K’s in the back together to keep in pattern the rest of the way around.
Your colors are dynamite! Be sure to post a finished picture.

Thank you!

Just stunning. Well done!

LOVE the colours. LOVE!