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First Sweater: Destination Pullover?

A good morning to all…

A beginning knitter, at 72 years I’ve had a steep learning curve. Yep, I’m heading into uncharted personal knitting territory. My question is, would the Destination Pullover be a good sweater pattern to start with?

I’ve done a few Fair Isle projects, cowls, hats, shawls, scarves, mosaic colorwork, Rib/Lace Scarf, etc., and am excited to learn new techniques. I do love that sweater, but am open to any advice given. I’ve looked at Tin Can Knits Flax sweater and was ready to begin that until I saw the Destination Pullover. A big temptation is that wonderfully rustic Lettlopi yarn and those amazing colors…who could resist?

Thanks so much for your advice.


I have not knit either but based on your description I think you will be fine.


I think you would be fine, but don’t skip doing a swatch and take your measurements too. Those seem to be the two things that people skip and then are disappointed when the sweater doesn’t turn out as they wished.


Thank you both for your replies and observations.

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i’ve been knitting for a while – but mostly small projects not clothing. I’m beginning with some small practice projects using the jaunty beanie and destination scarf. I was debating on the destination pull over - but I’ve opted to start with the Stopover Sweater by the same author. I also have a baby size flax sweater in progress – just working the sleeves – that is a really easy pattern. Good luck.


Oh Yes! Go for the Destination Pullover and the Lopi!

  1. a sweater on size 10 (or 6 mm, depending on where you live) will go super fast, and that’s always gratifying. The shoulder is a drop style which is flattering on most people as opposed to a circular yoke, and has a small seam which gives it stability. This is a good choice!
  2. The yarn! I haven’t used Lopi before and it’s really fun. I just did my 2 pockets for swatches. Since you’ve done Fair Isle before you’ll be amazed at its sticky quality for the colorwork.
    Good luck!

jazzypenny & jpatrash…thank you so much for the encouragement and details re. my Destination Pullover questions. The more I look at sweater patterns the more possibilities I find. I’m at the point where (as with most things) I have to commit to one pattern and go for it. Thank you again.


I think the pattern is good for a first sweater if you just knit it in one color, perhaps do the pockets in another color. They were my first and were very easy. I am an experienced knitter and have almost finished a three color Destination Pullover, but it was very challenging to learn fair isle. I did not do the ribbing, preferring to have the bottom and neck as a stockinette rolled border and knit it longer… I also found that using colored metal markers to keep up with increases, bind-offs, etc., helped, especially at the “work at the same time” part. You might want to get a little help figuring out how to do the neck shaping. This does knit up quickly and that’s fun.

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Is anyone else bothered by how wide the neck shaping is? I did it twice and it’s sort of a slightly deeper boatneck.

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Mine also has a wide boatneck. When I look at the pictures of other Destinations, I’m wondering what I did wrong.

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Good morning, speysouth and all. I, too, am a senior novice knitter wondering about the Destination Pullover as my first attempt. I need a good gardening sweater for our rainforest climate, have purchased a variety of Letilopi colors, and I am eager to cast on. Maybe I will swatch pockets.
I would love to know if you take the plunge on this sweater. Will keep an eye on this thread.

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Hello MJ:

I wish I could help with your question but I didn’t choose the Destination Pullover as my first knitted sweater.

I chose the Flax Pullover, free on Ravelry instead. My reason for choosing the Flax Pullover is that it has a series of good tutorials, via YouTube and Tin Can Knits, walking you through the steps outlined in the pattern. I am not a sewer and have never constructed a garment in my life, so I thought this was the better option for me.

I’m almost through knitting the body of the sweater and so far so good. Several people advised me to take my measurements and also measure a Pullover that fits well to determine your proper size. I’m determined to make the Destination Pullover next as it now makes more sense to me. Besides, that Letilopi yarn is so rustically beautiful and the pattern so interesting I know it will stay on my project list. If you do decide to knit the Destination Pullover I’d be interested to know how it goes for you. My best to you…speysouth

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Well, thank you for the kind reply. Hope you have a wonderful time knitting the Flax Pullover. I have started on the pocket linings and hope to learn as I go. Love the feel of this yarn. A little raw, a little soft. Rustically beautiful, as you say.
Best wishes in all things, knitting and beyond,

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Thanks for your good wishes re. my Flax Pullover.

The very same back to you with your knitting journey (no pun intended) on the Destination Pullover. It will feel wonderful being worn in your rain forest garden. When my future Destination Pullover is complete it will keep me warm in these high and cold northern Rocky Mountains. I am interested in how the pullover progresses for you. I’m sure it will be lovely indeed.

Warmest regards…Jan

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Have you done the ribbing at the neck yet or do you just have the bound off neck? I am told that the ribbing will pull the neck in. It looks to me that this kind of knit in the round upper bodice makes for the wideness. If you do the ribbing before I do, let me know how it goes.

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I started my sweater with Option 1 in the pattern, starting with the ribbing at the neck but added another 1/2 inch so that the neck ribbing is 2 inches.

I’ve been advised by ladies in my local knitting group to try it on at this point (nearly done with body) but have not done so yet.
I’ll have to put the live stitches on some waste yarn as my first attempt at a try on had the stitches springing off my needles. I am curious myself as to how the neck will fit and will let you know when I do that.

I have read the same thing - that Option 2 will add more structure at the neck, but I chose the easier option for my first sweater. Hope this was helpful.

My best to you and your sweater…Jan (speysouth)


My sweater is finished, so the ribbing is done. Even with it, the neckline is quite wide and looks very different from the picture. Still, I’m satisfied with the sweater, and maybe it’s a good thing I won’t have itchy Lettlopi right up against my neck.


I just want to add that sliding half of the stitches (from the side ready to work) onto another 32-inch needle of the same or smaller needle size is also a good way to try on your WIP - then you’ll just knit off of the spare needle.



Thanks for the practical and simple suggestion of using two needles to try on a sweater in progress.

Much appreciated, along with all the other knitters whose suggestions have been so helpful with my first sweater adventure.

Jan (speysouth)


Jan, I almost always try to use extra needles or cables, even for under the arms instead of waste yarn. The stitches seem to stay better that way for me too. Mission critical for trying on though!