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First sweater - Destination Pullover?

A good morning to all…

A beginning knitter, at 72 years I’ve had a steep learning curve. Yep, I’m heading into uncharted personal knitting territory. My question is, would the Destination Pullover be a good sweater pattern to start with?

I’ve done a few Fair Isle projects, cowls, hats, shawls, scarves, mosaic colorwork, Rib/Lace Scarf, etc., and am excited to learn new techniques. I do love that sweater, but am open to any advice given. I’ve looked at Tin Can Knits Flax sweater and was ready to begin that until I saw the Destination Pullover. A big temptation is that wonderfully rustic Lettlopi yarn and those amazing colors…who could resist?

Thanks so much for your advice.


I have not knit either but based on your description I think you will be fine.


I think you would be fine, but don’t skip doing a swatch and take your measurements too. Those seem to be the two things that people skip and then are disappointed when the sweater doesn’t turn out as they wished.


Thank you both for your replies and observations.

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i’ve been knitting for a while – but mostly small projects not clothing. I’m beginning with some small practice projects using the jaunty beanie and destination scarf. I was debating on the destination pull over - but I’ve opted to start with the Stopover Sweater by the same author. I also have a baby size flax sweater in progress – just working the sleeves – that is a really easy pattern. Good luck.


Oh Yes! Go for the Destination Pullover and the Lopi!

  1. a sweater on size 10 (or 6 mm, depending on where you live) will go super fast, and that’s always gratifying. The shoulder is a drop style which is flattering on most people as opposed to a circular yoke, and has a small seam which gives it stability. This is a good choice!
  2. The yarn! I haven’t used Lopi before and it’s really fun. I just did my 2 pockets for swatches. Since you’ve done Fair Isle before you’ll be amazed at its sticky quality for the colorwork.
    Good luck!

jazzypenny & jpatrash…thank you so much for the encouragement and details re. my Destination Pullover questions. The more I look at sweater patterns the more possibilities I find. I’m at the point where (as with most things) I have to commit to one pattern and go for it. Thank you again.