Untangling Silk/Linen: Will It Stretch?

I am knitting a top out of Jupiter Moon Farm Pollock: 55% silk, 45% linen. The ball totally imploded on me and got really, really tangled. I spent hours untangling it. Will this damage the yarn? Will it impact the part of the garment knit with it?


I wouldn’t think it would be an issue. Linen can take a beating and silk is also a strong fiber.

I’m sorry about the yarnsplosion, though. I’ve had a couple detangling nightmares and it’s miserable.


Thanks Megan - onward!

I have had many yarn vomits in my life and it often happens with non wool fibers, I have had to learn that the never can be center pull balls. So I am talking about cotton, linen, silk, hemp, any other plant fiber, and anything that doesn’t have stretch, so some of the acrylics depending on how they are made. All knitting is a journey. I hope rour project is all that you want it to be. I love linen and silk. Dana