Weird grafting issue

I accidentally knit the stockinette portion of the yoke on my Lunenburg pullover an inch too long, and I didn’t notice until I tried it on to check the sleeve length! So I cut the yoke to unravel the extra length and graft it back together.

I unraveled, got both top and bottom portions onto separate needles, and set them aside to graft later. When I came back to graft I found on the bottom section (the pullover is worked top-down) I had two mysterious (very short) dangling ends a few stitches apart, and there’s a jog where the rows don’t seem to line up - one side of the mystery section appears to have an extra row. It doesn’t seem to have created any kind of a gap or wrinkly after grafting, however.

Does anyone know what might have happened? I thought I had unraveled to the beginning of a round, though it’s possible I didn’t. Or maybe I’ve run into the short rows, but I tried to make sure I wasn’t cutting in the short-row section.

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This sounds very much like a short row to me.

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Ack! I had hoped I’d avoided those. If that’s the case, though, am I correct in thinking I should be able to fudge it and continue my graft as long as there isn’t a hole?

I hope so.
I really can’t say (confidently) without seeing the fabrics.