What are the themes for the 2023 field guides?

Hi, In the past I have loved the field guides. But, because I didn’t really like any of the 2022 guides, I would like to know what basic focus of the guides will be for 2023.

Drat! They always keep the designers and subjects a secret, although this month’s release must be colorwork, because it’s Arne & Carlos.
I subscribe even though I don’t always knit from the Field Guides, partly because the photos are always gorgeous and inspiring!


Hi! It’s true, we do keep themes and designers under wraps until a Field Guide launches. Which makes subscribing to the Field Guides definitely an exercise in surprise, which may not appeal to you. They’re available individually when the launch date arrives, so maybe that’s the way that will work best for you this year.

That said, we are bursting at the seams with anticipation about the Field Guides we are working on right now for 2023. So much beautiful knitting ahead.


Has anyone used Atlas for the Botanist by Baby Cocktails? I have seen people say that it has good stitch definition for cables but was also wondering about the weight.

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Oh, I love that sweater!
And its namesake :cocktail:
I checked the pattern specs and the gauge is a good match for Atlas, in my opinion.
Which color would you choose?

It for my daughter and she picked the Cork color. She wants gold buttons.

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