What the Fuss Is About...

Haha! I just finished my first ( I’m sure of many) Bodhi leaf! Well, no wonder there’s fuss and excitement! How much fun was that! I used some Euroflax left over from a gradient Baktus ( not so keen on the colours, but it’s soft and wearable). I bought some Rowan cotton on this past free shipping weekend, its going to rain all day today, so I know what I’m doing ! :grin:


Aren’t they satisfying? Just a little minute, and they’re done! Whee!l


I have knitted 7 Bodhi leaves so far and I dont plan on stopping any time soon! The first few that I made didn’t look exactly like the picture in the guide- the “holes” on either side of the “vein” weren’t quite as big, but I assumed it was because I used a different yarn to the suggested yarn and I thought maybe my knitting was a bit too tight. BUT, I watched a YouTube video on “yarn over” and realised that I wasn’t doing it correctly! I also discovered there is English style knitting and American knitting. I’m an English style knitter, a thrower of the yarn! but I’m intrigued by the American style- it looks very slick. I dont think I can re-train myself though. But keep the guides coming- I’m loving them.
Lesley Randles, South Africa


I’m a thrower, too, and agree that the other way looks slick. I have read that if you change methods, it changes your gauge. Maybe these quick leaves ( or washcloths) are a good way to learn the new method!

Happy leaf-ing!



Remind me to never move again!! Packing up and cleaning a house leaves no time for knitting…dying to start these leaves!!

We were with friends on Saturday, and it was appropriate to take my knitting, along with portable chairs, snacks,etc. At the end of the evening, we took Lyft back to our car. My husband loaded the snack bags, chairs, etc into the Lyft car. I didn’t realize until the next day that he LEFT MY KNITTING with my friends! I mean, it’s safe with them, but they don’t live close and I can’t get it until next weekend. < Sigh> Time to start another project.

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I just started my fifth Bohdi. I am holding the Euroflax double. This one is earmarked for me. Will see if that really happens.

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