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Which M1 to use where

When knitting M1 increases for raglan shaping, is it M1L before the marker and M1R after the marker? Or vice-versa!? Does it change depending on whether it’s the front or back of the sleeve, and the left or right sleeve? Or am I making this too complicated🤔?
Tin Can Knits’ patterns always say, “preferred method”
Thx in advance;)

My preference is to make an M1R prior to the marker, and an M1L after - or some other mirrored increase style. It’s a great question, and attention to a detail such as this is a good thing.


Thx so much Nell;) Attention to detail shows my OCD tendencies and desire for symmetry😆 lol! Not always a “good thing”

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I tend to do what @nellknits does, but it’s entirely up to you. Doing the opposite can create a neat accent on your project, since doing it the other way can be more noticeable if you’ve got a large number of increases. Kind of a more emphasized “full fashion” increase/decrease. .


Excellent point! I love playing with increase and decrease styles.
Either way, be symmetrical.


Great point! Thank you;) I think I’ll just keep it simple.

Judith Durant’s little book, 99 Step by Step Increases and Decreases has the most useful summaries of which to use where, why, and how to do them. Smartest $ I spent, recently. All I could add is that the nature of your yarn matters in decoding if they need to mirror, etc. Haloed yarns like Lopi will hide differences. Ps…Juidith also did a great related book on cast ons and bind offs. Next $ outlay!

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