9 or 12 Inch Circulars in Size 10/6mm

I thought I’d reach out here to see if anyone knows a source for small 9" or 12" circulars in size 10/6mm? I have 7,8,and 9 and they are great for sleeves in the round. I can use DPN’s but would love to find a circular
Thank you!


Here are some.

ETA: I have bought from them and the service is fast and if there’s a problem they will replace.

Fantastic-thank you! I must have tried so many google, amazon, etc.searches.

Your welcome. That is where I buy all my needles, they have sales all the time and a big one during the holidays. They are also authorized dealers so warranties are handled by them.

I did look at other brands on their site and it does seem to be a rare bird.

Happy Knitting

Even though the list states 10, 10.5, etc.-when you try to order it says “not available in this size”.