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Advice for yarn for a summer sweater

Advice please. I want to knit a summer sweater. Can anyone suggest yarn. That is my deli a with each project.

Hi, can you give us a bit more information about the type of sweater you might like to knit? There are a lot of possibilities.

3/4 sleeve, waist length crew type neck. To wear with skirts or carries.

There are a lot of cotton/linen or bamboo/linen blends that might work. Iā€™m running out now but can come back with a link where you can look at projects on ravelry as a start if that helps?

I made a summer sweater 2 yrs ago from Quince and Co using Kestrel (100% organic linen). It knit up fast and easy but most importantly it wore well and only got softer as time went by. It maintained its shape and lengthened only a bit. I still get compliments on it!

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Thank you. I will look for it. Jill

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