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Advice for yarn for a summer sweater

Advice please. I want to knit a summer sweater. Can anyone suggest yarn. That is my deli a with each project.

Hi, can you give us a bit more information about the type of sweater you might like to knit? There are a lot of possibilities.

3/4 sleeve, waist length crew type neck. To wear with skirts or carries.

There are a lot of cotton/linen or bamboo/linen blends that might work. I’m running out now but can come back with a link where you can look at projects on ravelry as a start if that helps?

I made a summer sweater 2 yrs ago from Quince and Co using Kestrel (100% organic linen). It knit up fast and easy but most importantly it wore well and only got softer as time went by. It maintained its shape and lengthened only a bit. I still get compliments on it!

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Thank you. I will look for it. Jill

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I just finished two summer things, one of linen blend by Lana Grossa, the other in Shubui Fern, an all cotton. Both felt great, wore well. Linen does get softer, and linen /viscose has nice drape. Aim for sock to DK weights, or up to light worsted, for comfort and speed of completion. My Shibui was a take-off on the single/double ply striping of the Shakerag, which lightens the total weight of the sweater but still keeps a nice hand. Alas, pictures were terrible…

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